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Dr. Future News 10.02.12


This show marks the first one recorded in the offical KOMY studio, a fully functioning radio/podcast studio now located inside the classic control room of KSCO radio in Santa Cruz!. A studio within a control room…it was also the first time KSCO and KOMY were broadcasting two live shows simultaneously, in studios right next to each other!  Each with their own mics, board, phone lines, call-ins, and next week, Skype lines!

As KOMY does not yet have the advertiser base of it’s big sister, KSCO, we had way more time to discuss our stories this week, each with it’s own length, allowing us (your storyteller newsfolks) to set the pace more organically… yes, all stories are now organic on this radio show/podcast/transmission, or whatever you want to call it.  As Santa Cruzians, we like that, but don’t worry, we didn’t try to stretch a classic 3-minute short news piece into a feature length documentary, as  ‘there’s a universe in every moment’ kind of thing :-) 

A quite pleasant surprise was a call-in from none other than our favorite partial cyborg, Dave Blackburn in sunny Santa Monica, where we discussed some of today’s stories (i.e. Tesla museum, 3D printing of guns) and explored his latest cyborgian adventure, looking at what bionic feet are now available. Knowing Dave, he’d like to try all the new options, including a new Icelandic model with proprioception balancing..kind of like the Segway of bionic feet.  

We had a lot of fun making today’s show and we hope you enjoy it too!

-Dr. Mrs. Future (aka Al & Sun Lundell)





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