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Guests- Dr. Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler on the Intersection of Music and Artificial Intelligence

Listen Now to Eliot and Andie on Music and AI

You’ve heard of computers that can play chess, but how about creating music, original music so good that it seems to have been created by a master?  This is one of the holy grails in creating a true musical AI as envisioned by the dynamic partnership and quest of Eliot and Andie.  

© 2012 Jim Needham

They are exploring questions like, “Can an AI operate beyond the regurgitation and remembrance of musical patterns humans have already explored and discovered?” 

Trained at Princeton, Dr. Handelman sees AI as the ultimate art, because it can create an consciousness beyond any particular reference point.  A real freedom us biologicals, trapped in specific bodies and belief systems, can only dream of.. You can check out some of  their AI generated music here. 

“Art is the way we negotiate a boundary between ourselves and somebody else..
One day an AI can be an externalized social self…”
Come take a journey with us into the minds of musical AI scientists, as they dream up  new ways of thinking about intelligence that could impact us all..



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