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2012 Maker Faire Interviews

Dr. & Mrs. Future had a chance to visit the Maker Faire in San Mateo this weekend and bring you a few interviews with the creators of some amazing new projects and services.


Curious about bioCurious, the Bay Area’s first public biolab? Find out more from Kristina Hathaway, a co-founder of the lab.


Making bili lights for premie babies at the Maker Faire.  Find out more from Tim Z Falconer, the founder of this project to save young lives.


Meet creator Eric Rosenbaum and hear the Banana Keyboard Instrument at Makey Makey

 Inventor Dezso Molnar tells us about the Molnari GT, a flying motocycle helicopter.

Hear creator of the folding kayak, Anton Willis talk about his innovative design. 

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