Fukushima Update - Nuclear expert Dr. Richard A. Wullaert, Ph.D. gives us his latest assessment. Is the US West Coast in Jeopardy?
Wednesday, January 8, 2014
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Listen Now to Dr. Richard Wullaert

We’ve heard stories of late regarding Fukushima steam raising from Reactor 3 and radiation poisoning our tuna and touching our Western shores.  Is this really true, or simply more alarmist stories?  

To help sort rumor from fact we bring you Dr. Richard Wullaert, a former nuclear industry scientist, who has been tracking Fukushima since the day of it’s unfortunate accident.

Links he has suggested for more info include:

Safecast, a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements to empower people with data about their environments.

Arnie Gunderson’s website, a level-headed investigator of the issue.

A Helen Calicott conference on the “Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident” 

Medical sites covering radiation sickness issues regarding Fukushima, such as

Dr. Apsley and Dr. Sircus.  This show should answer your most burning, or should I say most fissionable questions regarding Fukushima.  Enjoy..


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