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Dr. Future News - Expensive Crash, Drones- Foreign and Domestic, other Earths, Fukushima update, High School Testing Insanity,Free Stanford Courses,

Dr. Future News 12.06.11


Dr. Future News is nicely framed by Agent MC Hager with a new tune he wrote for the show.  Enjoy the news, as we call in the Drones!! :-)



Meet our Interview Guest Aubrey Murr Copland


Deep from the earliest high source of Christianity in England, Glastonbury, we have spiritual healer Aubrey Murr Copland visiting us today.  

Audrey has built up a dedicated following over 25 years in the spiritual field. She was fortunate to develop her skills alongside mentors such as Sir George Trevelyan, Frederic Lionel, Lilla Bek, Brugh Joy and Barbara Ann Brennan. She is widely travelled and has taught many hundreds of people how to heal and be healed in many different places including America, Canada, Newfoundland, Alaska, Germany, Israel, Spain and Portugal. Audrey has also helped set up Healing organisations in Europe and USA.

Audrey is a natural sensitive who works intuitively with colour and energy yet she has always sought to grow and develop her skills through experience and deep study. Consequently, her work is thoroughly grounded in the teachings of the great masters and is also practically tried and tested via the hundreds of individual healing consultations she has given and through her work with groups at many conferences and courses. She has been interviewed on TV and radio in UK, America and Canada. For years she devoted her skills to helping the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, the world’s largest healing organisation, to develop a ground-breaking healer training programme that people from all over the world still flock to attend. Her considerable healing power and expertise are evident in the many testimonials about her work. See ‘Review’ section.

She first became aware of the healing power of her voice when she was presenting spiritual development groups where participants were entranced by the energy conveyed as she spoke. Students eagerly suggested that she should record her voice and she then developed the first of her creative visualisations which were an instant success. She has continued devising new meditations ever since and the whole range is now available on CD.

Audrey says:

“Essentially we are all Healers with wounds that need to be healed. The physical body acts as an intelligent bio-feedback system manifesting 
dis-ease and disharmony. I have created and recorded my meditations with the express design of delivering to the listener a healing experience in their own home, every time you listen to the CD. These personally crafted creative visualisations are not just relaxing, de-stressing and uplifting, they are also programmed with healing energy that can affect change within the listener on all levels - physically, emotionally and energetically. I want the listener to be able to take the healing process into their own hands and in this busy world, allow them to choose the right moment to receive inner healing, when it is most convenient.


CyberMonday Crackdowns, Current Tin Foil Hat Fears, DNA Bar Codes, Engineered Avian Flu,Trek Nation debuts.

Listen Now Dr. Future News 11.29.11

This week’s Dr.Future News is fraught full of cyber security issues, thanks to our times. The Feds are shutting down websites selling fake goods.  And now the Holy Grail for the ultimate tracking/id ability would be read one’s own DNA code, unique to you, no other ID required. Let’s get personal…

And while we are playing with DNA, a researcher in the Netherlands has created the recipe for deadly Avian Flu.. Should he be allowed to publish his research so that we can be prepared for a ‘worst case scenario’, or….what?  Join the conversation…

Oh yes, and Trek Nation debuts. The Trek world rising once again, this time as a new TV series..


The Future of Business - with Guest Ayman Sawaf, co-author of Sacred Commerce

Listen Now to Ayman Sawaf on Sacred Commerce


Sacred Commerce, The Rise of the Global Citizen


Sacred Commerce is a groundbreaking book which explores the past and the future of commerce. It tells of the Merchant Priests of ancient Egypt who practiced it and the skill of emotional alchemy they mastered in their pursuit of beauty goodness and truth. This book completes Ayman’s work on the map of Emotional Intelligence and its four cornerstone models as explored in his international best seller “Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations”, co-authored with Dr. Robert Cooper.

The central principle and ‘engine’ of culture is no longer religion, nor politics as was the case in the past. Like it or not, commerce has become the primary force propelling our species and human society forward. We are witnessing a commerce-centric (r)evolution, a whole new form of ‘conscious capitalism’, wherein business transactions the world over will become the main conduit of social and cultural evolution.

Sacred Commerce reverses the common assumption that business and spirituality are mutually opposed, and instead looks at business as a path of destiny. The notion of capitalism infused with the sacred expands the notion of profit with the concept and the reality of the fourth bottom line: spirituality.

Commerce, that intrinsic and basic function of exchanging goods and services, can ‘within this context’ raise human culture to a level of sacredness that otherwise might not be attained while placing those who practice it on a trajectory of accelerated growth.

Sacred Commerce advances the idea that commerce can be a vehicle to raise consciousness as well as a path towards Self-realization: a spiritual current.

Imagine a global economy that empowers local economies around the world—from the largest to the smallest—to prosper and flourish with dignity and equality. A global marketplace where the spirit of partnership and responsibility transforms emotions of anger, fear and jealousy into passion, compassion and empathy. Where the natural flow of information, ideas and resources between different segments of society and across cultures transcends the unconscious exchange of baseless commodities—uniting and exalting, rather than dividing, people around the world.


Pepper Spray art goes viral, Ionizing Plasma, Better Batteries, Gut Bacteria, Creating Light from the Vacuum, 

Listen Now Dr. Future News 11.22.11

It’s time for the Future News of the week, joining the Futures, MC Hager and his son, Agent Luc as they make free associations from topic to topic, all the while connecting them with their unerringly rational intellectual commentary.

Pepper Spray art gone viral