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Massive Water Planet Discovered Nearby, Virtual Nurses Preferred over Human counterparts, Synthetic Blood and SmartPhone arm, Siri Silliness, Real Life Inception, Forget what is at 29min20Sec on this recording, surprise singing legend..  

Listen Now Dr. Future 11.01.11

This show is the first time Sun (Mrs. Future), myself, and co-host MC Hager, have all been in the studio together, and boy, does the show really take off! Lots of future think this week, and a few surprises for us as well, including a power failure while on the air, mystery control freaks, and a surprise singer creating a tune just for us! Ahhh shucks…


 KSCO Engineers puzzle over mysterious power failure..


Get your Trek on with some serious Star Trekkers 

You may have met some Trekkies on your journey through life, but have you ever met a Trekker?  This breed are serious Star Trek folks, not to be confused with mere Trekkie fans.  In the studio we have Brian Toler, who has played the double for Captain Benjamin Sisko of “Deep Space Nine,” and for eleven years played in Las Vegas in the Hilton’s big hit, “The Star Trek Experience.” 
And on Skype live from London we have Gilles Aston, a dead ringer for Patrick Stewart, who plays Captain Picard in Star Trek Next Generation, and many of the Star Trek movies.  Giles has played Captain Picard in numerous productions and conventions for years, and is deeply steeped in the Star Trek mythos.  
These guys are not just Star Trek actor stand-ins, but real Trekkers, deeply into the Star Trek vision of the future and have some profound thoughts on how the ‘real’ future could unfold, given their vast experience in the Trek Universe.  I think you’ll enjoy their pov’s…. thanks, Dr. Future..

Introducing new Co-host M.C. Hager, SIRI AI update, Dr. Future's Court House experience, Crowdsourcing Democracy, Real World Avatar tech, Paul Allen on Singularity, Stem Cell reprogramming, Orbital Debris update, NanoMuscular evolution

Listen Now Dr. Future Show 10.18.11

In this show, Mrs. Future introducing our mysterious new co-host, M.C. Hager, while Dr. Future awaits jury duty at the Santa Cruz Court House.  During a break, Dr. Future reports in via Skype with some suggestions on how the jury selection process could be streamlined and the court generally, well, updated..

Also, Mrs. Future and M.C. explore Liberia’s experiments in social media crowdsourcing, more info about SIRI, the first networked AI personal assistant, the latest method of reprogramming stem cells, Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen’s view on Ray Kurzweil’s concept of the Singularity, the Orbital Debris Quarterly, and other future now news..


Hacking Occupy Wall St., Precrime Procedures, iOS update, Future Education with Sri Gyan McCaughan of Mt. Madonna School

Listen Now Dr. Future Show 10.11.11

The Hacker group Anonymous declared “war” on the New York Stock Exchange this weekend and vowed to “erase” the NYSE from the Internet.  Or is it Intelligence Agencies flying a false flag, just to confuse the situation? We explore two key audio missives ostensibly from Anonymous.  You tell us!  Precrime has never been so real, with the latest new neurotech and the plans of law enforcement ‘Vogons.”  The latest developments, which reveal efforts to “collect, process, or retain information on” members of “the public,” came to light through an internal DHS document obtained under open-government laws. We bring you up to date.  Find out what your new iOS5 and iPhone 4S can really do..Let’s keep that balance of power!

In the second hour, we feature Mt. Madonna educator Sri Gyan McCaughan exploring what he is doing to improve the quality of education for our kids.  Hint- it involves media literacy and imagination. Hear about the school’s science project,  which landed them on The Discovery Channel, and a picture of Sri Gyan with the Mythbusters! He also poses the question, ” Isn’t It Time to End the War Against Our Children?” 


Memorial Interview with Dan Kottke, Steve Jobs Best Friend

For KSCO’s Saturday Special we interviewed Dan Kottke, one of Steve Jobs oldest and dearest friends.  They met in college, took classes, explored the nature of reality in many ways, went to India together, and then worked on building Apple Computer, and later, the Macintosh.  At one point they had a falling out which was finally reconciled before Steve passed.  In this interview, Dan candidly shares with us some of his most significant times and moments with Steve, including their final encounter..
Daniel also revealed the other name they seriously considered besides “Apple.” Any guesses?  Clue- it’s not a fruit and, like Apple, the name has become a cyber legend..