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TSA Backlash, Space and Avatars, and Cyberclothing Design

Much news in this podcast, the Apple iOS 4.2 update, new TSA tech, how to protect your data at border crossings, new hacks of the Kinect controller,virtual reality assist for stroke patients,  a prosthetic retina, and storytelling 2.0.

Our guest today, one or our ‘regular irregulars,’  is modern renaissance man Bruce Damer, with whom we’ll be exploring his research in artificial life, Avatars, NASA mission simulations, airport scanners, and designing cyber clothing.



News from Facebook, the best inventions of 2010 for the future, and a memorial to the passing of a great social inventor, Henry Dakin, the San Francisco philanthropist who opened up the Soviet Teleport along with countless other successful contributions to citizen diplomacy. Call in with stories of your own if YOU have any great inventions. KSCO AM 1080 in Santa Cruz, CA. Live from 2PM-4PM. Call in at 831-479-1080.


Species Group Mind Experiment

Guest this week:  Historian of the Future, Charles Ostmann
On the 11:11 experiment this week.

Voting for the Future... Electronic democracy with Pros and Cons

Show Archive, Nov. 2, 2010

Being an election day Dr.Future looks at the future of voting, covering voter fraud issues, online democracy, crowd sourcing, and living in a quantum hologram. Not to mention the pope or the surfing pumpkin..


Chi, Stoves, and Other Energies of the Future Human

Show Archive, Oct. 26, 2010

Today our guest, John Zielinski, longtime student of Master Mantak Chia, and Qigong practitioner who teaches in Santa Cruz, Ashland Oregon, and internationally. He is the videographer for Mantak Chia in the west, and offers training videos on his website .