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Hippies Saving Physics, Swarmbots,SmelloVision, Feedback Loops and Co-creating more profoundly.Frankie Slater on Circles United

Listen Now Dr. Future Show 6.21.11

In our news hour the just published book “How the Hippies Saved Physics” is discussed, as are the new swarmbots, odiferous media, feedback loop controls, Google’s new voice and image search functions, and just what media will survive any apocolypse?

Our guest in the second hour is Frankie Lee Slater, a communicator and networker, on a global “circles uniting” tour, bringing together disparate circles of humanity who might not otherwise know each other. She makes the case that there is still a place for really meeting people in the flesh, as opposed to simply online relationships. It is part of her mission to improve the quality of relationships between circles of influence, and she gives us some insight into how this is done and how we may create more effectively.


Father's Day Story, the Science & Spirituality of Civilization Ending Events


Listen Now Dr. Future Show 6.14.11

In the first hour Mrs. Future, Agent Nada and Dr. Future discuss highlights from TEDx Santa Cruz, and the Harmony Festival, both big events of the weekend.  News includes Apple’s new toroid shaped campus proposal to the Cupertino City Council, designer lingerie from a 3D printer, and whether biological evolution can even hope to outpace climate change.

Then Santa Cruz’s own Debra Artura shares a magical tale with her estranged dad, a true Father’s Day story.

In the second hour we bring in our guests geologist Richard Ely and Julia Bystrova for a scintillating discussion on  The Science and Spirtuality of civilization ending events and what we can do about them..


iCloud Plans, Inside TEDx Santa Cruz, Harmony Festival Highlights

Listen Now Dr. Future Show 6.07.11

The summer has begun and blockbuster actvities are underway!  This week we explore the implications of Apple’s new iCloud plans, which promises us new capabilities, and less hassle in accessing and organizing our lives..but what’s the cautionary tale here?  Is the Cloud hackable, or what?

Not be outdone, Sony is offering us some new Augmented Reality technology called SmartAR, and an entrepreneurial company in Hawaii is selling their super cleaning blue goo to Japan for mopping up the nuclear mess.  We discuss these stories and several others in the first hour, and you can find more info on our links page.

TEDx Santa Cruz is happening this weekend, and we’ll be there to ferret out our local geniuses that could potentially change the world with their innnovative ideas.  For this show, we have in the studio Watsonville’s own Gina Castaneda, who has a very innovative solution for gang warfare.. If you just want to hear her segment of the show, click here.

And the Harmony Festival is happening this weekend in Santa Rosa, a Bay Area favorite, featuring many new and exciting exhibits and demos of alternative energy, eco village tech, cool music, and a place to simply be with your friends and family.  We get the download (and a riddle for two free tickets) from Shawn Ahern, director of the festival.


In the remote new Studio of Frank Serafine, Hollywood SoundDesigner

Listen Now Dr. Future Show 5.31.11 

For this show, Dr. and Mrs. Future visit Hollywood sound legend Frank Serafine in his new sound studio, far off the beaten track, high atop a mountain in Northern LA County.  Off the grid and sometimes bereft of bandwidth, Agent Nada works valiantly to keep the connection working, despite numerous technical difficulties.  Contact was mostly sucessful, using Skype, iPads, and ATT 3G connections..

Sound designer for over 40 feature films like The Hunt for Red October, TRON, TRON Legacy, and the Star Trek movies, we discuss the intricacies of sound design and Frank’s plans for the new state-of-the art studio.


Makerfaire share, Power by Microbes, Terrabytes per second, Augmented Reality, Greg Panos

LISTEN NOW Dr. Future Show 5.24.11

A fun tete-a-tete show, with Mrs. Future, Agent Nada, Dr. Future and guest Greg Panos sharing  their Maker Faire adventures, discussing the latest Fukushima coverups, generating power with Microbes, marvel at the new record-setting data rate over a laser.

Our guest Greg Panos lives at the intersection of high tech and the entertainment world of LA, and shares with us the latest in Augmented Reality, where computer-generated worlds are blended with everyday reality.  A fast-growing field, AR promises to deliver what Virtual Reality started, back in the 90’s.