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Future News - Bitcoin sails past $10K, Senescent cells successfully targeted to slow aging, Earthworms work for Mars Soil, Bud on Mars, Redwood Habitat Winner for Mars Colony, Scientifically correct toilet tissue placement, Major Brookings Study on Jobs and Digitalization  

Listen Now to Future News 11.28.2017

Lots of Mars news this week, from earthworms to new habitats, wheels, and beer! Bitcoin continues to rise meteroically and jobs of all kinds are rapidly digitizing.  Plus the holidays have begun a proper ettiquette regarding toliet tissue placement has been scientifically revealed. Enjoy!

Every tree habitat in Redwood Forest will collect energy from the sun and use it to process and transport the water throughout the tree,


Future News - First Interstellar Asteroid, The Tesla Truck, Net Neutrality Gutted, Meet Dr. Robot, Right Handed Whales, Declining Flying Insects, Smart Fabric, Exercise Pill, Vortexual Light, PanPsychism  

Listen Now to Future News 11.21.2017

We have a chance to catch up on interesting stories with week, from more details on our first encounter with an interstellar asteroid, to the new electric Tesla trucks and new FCC rules gutting Net Neutrality. Most controversial this week would be the smart clothes stopping molesters and the excersise pill that could lead to more laziness.  New forms of light, however, could manipulate everything. Evolution Ho!



Future News and Dialog with our Callers - Sexual Misconduct in the News, Hyperloop in Denver, Dreamchaser Spaceship Successfully Tested,Autonomous Weapons Ban, Bill Gates City of the Future in Arizona, What is Truth in the Media These Days, AI Truth Detector 

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 11.14.2017

Lots of call-ins today, a lot of concern over fake news and finding the truth about politics and people in the news. Of course, the sexual misconduct of our political and entertainment leaders is a big topic right now, so we have delved into those charged waters. We also cover the introduction of the hyperloop towards solving some of Denver’s transportation congestion issues, a new space shuttle, and the design of an AI Truth/Lie Dectector. Enjoy!


Mrs. Future on Pachamama Alliance Luncheon, Substance on Tribalize Conference, Greg Panos on Oculus VR Convention, Dr. Bruce Lipton on Epigenetics and Reprogramming the Human Biocomputer

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A jam packed fun show this week, with in studio reports from some of Dr. Future’s best agents in the field on sigificant events contributing to a better world.  

Also in the studio this week is Dr. Bruce Lipton, renaissance scientist and author of the best seller, ” The Biology of Belief,” and more recently, “The Honeymoon Effect.” He discusses with us his theories of how the mind and body interact and shares some stories from his latest travels to Europe. Bruce also takes some questions from our listeners, which spawned an interesting discussion on autism.  Enjoy!

Dr. Bruce Lipton with Dr. Mrs. Future at KSCO


Future News - Tesla Power in Puerto Rico, Interstellar Visitor Rocks Astronomers,Spooky Space Sounds, Robot is Bestowed Saudi Citizenship, What happens to Genes in Space, AI gives new meaning to 'Anal Probe', Coral Finds Plastic Tasty, Brain Zap Therapy May have Downside.  

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 10.31.2017

Future News this week takes you from interstellar objects passing us  to the coral organisms of the sea that for some reason, like to eat our plastic. We are also very excited to bring you spooky sounds from space, thanks to NASA probes exploring our universe, and a shout out to Elon Musk and Tesla, for bringing much needed electrical power to a school in Puerto Rico.  And then there’s the robot bestowed with Saudi Citizenship.. What does this mean?  And before you try brain zap therapy, you might want to read the article on this topic on our links page and listen to Bobby Wilder, our caller with experience on zapping his brain with electricity. Enjoy!