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Future News - Oppy Still Hunkered Down in Martian Dust Storm, OSIRIS-REx in Final Approach to Near Earth Asteroid Bennu, Ice Confirmed at Moon's Poles, Water Worlds of the Milky Way, Magellan Telescope 100x better than Hubble, Largest ever 3D Printed Coral Reef installed near Maldives, Pole Reversal Happens Faster than we Thought

Listen Now to Future News 8.21.2018

Hi folks, we are back from vacation with the latest in Future News and a little report from our adventures. It looks like we’ll soon be bringing back to Earth a sample from an asteroid, that the moon may have enough water to make it practical for colonies there, that there are lots of water worlds in the Milky Way, and we’ll have some amazing new tools for exploring them. Back on Earth, 3D printing tech is helping us save the coral reefs, and magnetic pole reversal happens way faster than we thought! Enjoy..

World’s Largest 3D printed coral reef installed near the Maldives


On Vacation,will be back on planet for August 21 Show

Have a great Earth summer folks! CU before you know it..


Future News - Raging Global Martian Dust Storm under scrutiny, New Probe Investigating Deep Mysteries of the Sun, Russian Colonist Androids to be trained on Space Station, AI Scientists pledge not to create Killer Robots, Pentagon Creates AI Division overseeing 600 projects, Designer Babies Get Green Light in Britain

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Our last show before our Canadian vacation, we take a closer look at how we are probing the mysteries of the raging global Martian dust storm currently underway, and the Sun itself, soon to be under scrutiny of our NASA Parker Probe.  Our NASA scientists will be trying to figure out how a small dust storm becomes global using data collected from the nuclear powered Curiosity rover and our 3 orbiting probes.  And the Parker Probe will be exploring such mysteries as why the Sun’s atmosphere is 300 times hotter than the solar surface.

Lots of AI news this week, with Russian androids heading to the International Space Station, a new pledge from AI scientists not to make killer robots, and a new AI division at the Pentagon for overseeing the 600 plus AI projects currently being funded by the DOD.  And designer babies are a step closer to reality with a green light in Britain to advance reproductive health with three parent children.  Quite exciting, enjoy!

Russian Android working out




Interview - Dr. Duncan McCullum, DC on Optimizing Health via Intermittent Fasting, Autophagy, Detoxification and Creating Endogenous Stem Cells

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A local Santa Cruz chiropractor, Dr. McCollum embodies a wholistic and preventative approach to one’s personal well-being, with particular attention to cellular health and detoxification practices, beyond usual chiropractic treatments.  He points out that when properly detoxed, the biological systems in the human body will generate their own stem cells for self-repair and with fasting, the weaker cells will be eliminated from the system. A fascinating interview, and by taking heed of his advice, we expect to greatly improve our everyday health.  Enjoy!

Dr. Duncan McCullum, DC on Optimal Health practices


Future News - Earth's interior rich with quintillions of diamonds, New fiery view of Milky Way's Center, Ten More Jovian Moons Discovered, New Study Shows Eating Fat only Cause of Weight Gain, 256 TB SD Cards, Dr. Duncan McCollum joins us for the news. 

Listen Now to Future News 7.17.2018

Wow, ten new moons around Jupiter, including one that is orbiting in the opposite direction of all the others, just asking for a collision, not unlike driving on the wrong side of the freeway! And back home, acoustic research suggests we have quintillions of diamonds below the Earth’s Mantle, amazing. But we’d have to travel a hundred miles beneath the surface to get them.  Sounds straightforward, but we’ve never achieved anything close to that as yet..but if we do, we’d be as rich as the fabled asteroid miners of the near future, and their Luxenborgian backers (another intriquing story this week). Enjoy!