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Falcon Heavy Success, 'Biggest Little Farm' Film Review, Carrington Event discussion,Fred McPherson memorial, The 'Late Heavy Bombardment' may not have happened, Vast Reservoir of Fresh Water Found off of East Coast, Updates on Libra, the new Facebook Crypto and on Disclosure Fest in LA.

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Big news this week with Space X and the Falcon Heavy launch. Very successful in launching all 24 payloads, and Giant aquifer seen in yellow hatched areas, with triangles representing survey expeditions.capturing 3 out 4 recoverable components! Mrs. Future raves about the indy film Biggest Little Farm, about an urban couple that moves to the country and creates a diversified organic farm outside of LA. Bobby Wilder calls in to comment on several stories, including the massive fresh water aquifer off the US east coast and we chat about the significance of the new Facebook cryptocurrency, Libra.  Ed Ellsworth checks in about Disclosure Fest, a summer festival this last weekend in LA. Enjoy!

Falcon Heavy Launch with 24 payloads, launched 6.24.2019


Stunning New Martian Crater, Star Fleet Chevron on Mars, Super Snail Glue, Green Rocket Fuel, Harvesting Drinking Water from Air, Greg Panos on Manipulated Media and 'Deep Fake' Technology. 

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Lots of great space news this week, such as a new stunningly beautiful Martian crater from a recent impact, and the Star Fleet symbol, also found on the red planet. Our guest this week is our very own Gregory Panos, a VR/AR/XR cyber pioneer from the beginnning.. This week he reports on the latest in technologies that allow easy manipulation of media, such as audio and video impersonations. Looking at Deep Fakes is very timely as last week, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence did their first public hearing on such issues that may pose national security challenges.  Enjoy!

Evidence of fictional aliens messing with Mars?


Latest Space News, Big Gravity Anomaly on Moon, Helicopter on Mars, Frank Schwartz reports of Massive Wildfires on Earth, Truth in Media 

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Lots of Space News this week, including a Falcon 9 launch from Vandenberg, an a large magnetic anomaly on the Moon.  And what has our attention back home on Earth are massive wildfires around the planet. Wildfire tracker Frank Schwartz brings us up to date on what and where these wildfire are, especially the ones close to home, here in California. It’s early in the fire season and we are off to a fiery start..

Current massive Wildfires across the continent photo -Frank Schwartz


Martian Clay Investigation, Augmented World Expo 2019, Taylor Barcroft on Apple Announcements at WWDC, Ed Ellsworth on Disclosure at Contact in the Desert

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It’s been a week of amazing shows that we and our Dr. Future correspondants have covered for you. We personally checked out AWE 2019 in Santa Clara, about the latest in the world of virtual and augmented reality. Apple Computer had a lot to announce this week, and we have Taylor Barcroft with the download. And for our main coverage this week, we have Ed Ellsworth at Contact in the Desert, the premiere gathering of folks interested in aliens and alien contact.  Ed had a lot to say about the current status of Disclosure, and sparked a dynamic discussion amongst us all. Enjoy!


The Futures with co-host Gabrielle Cianfrani and guest Ed Ellsworth at Contact in the Desert.. Aliens, a Secret Space Program and Crystal Skulls, oh my! And then there is Bobby Wilder on Facebook's upcoming Crypto Coin, Starlink UFO reports, Amazon's Facial Recognition, and new breakthrough's in Regenerative Medicine!

Listen Now to Future News 5.28.2019

Something for everyone on this week’s show.  Guest commentator Gabriel “Jersey Girl” Cianfrani is in the studio to help us digest today’s Future News headlines.  Bobby Wilder calls in with a report on crypto, with a particular focus on Facebook’s foray into that world. We connect with media meister Ed Ellsworth, covering the alien-oriented conference, Contact in the Desert, happening this week, and discuss what’s what in that world. And we finish with some breakthrough news in Regenerative Medicine and the healing properties of the body’s cuddle drug, oxytocin. Enjoy!L-R Gabrielle Cianfrani, Dr. & Mrs. Future, after the show