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Future News - What was cool and hot at the Mother of Maker Faire's with Richard Cray and Greg Panos

Listen Now to Al, Sun, Greg and Richard on Maker Faire 2018 

Indeed, it is that time of year when Makers, small and large, men, women, and children of all ages gather to Richard Cray getting head enlargement photo by Greg Panosshare and show off their latest creations, be they glow in the dark plants, intelligent jackets or virtual worlds of play.  We think of it as a kind of people’s world’s fair, a decentralized collection of unbridled creativity, fueled by the tools and technologies rising from our amazing cauldron, otherwise known as the Bay Area.  

To cover this unbelievable collection of projects run amok, we have none other than our favorite co-conspirators of a better future, Richard Cray and Greg Panos, who spent three days at the faire, checking out the most interesting nooks and crannies, for your enjoyment and potential education.  Have fun!

photo by Richard Cray



Future News - Net Neutrality Senate Vote, Fastest Growng Object in Universe Discovered, Hawaii Eruption and Mars, Plumes Over Europa, Google Duplex AI Demo, MiniSpot debued, FAA moves forward on Drones, Connected Levis Jacket, AI increases soldiers Intelligence

Listen Now to Future News 5.15.2018

A fun and informative show this week, with lots of amazing news spanning the universe. It’s a decisive time for Net neutrality in the legislative branch of government right now, we’ve discovered the biggest thing in the universe so far, a black hole spanning 200 billion star systems and counting, new amazing robots from Boston Dynamics, Hawaiian volcanoes are giving us clues about eruptions on other parts of the solar system, a helicopter on Mars, AI’s that can seemlessly make appointments for us have arrived, and we can now get an Uber from rubbing our Levi connected jacket!  Enjoy..



Interview - Sandy Stone, artist, author, audio engineer, mediaspace designer, transgender pioneer, grandmother

Listen Now to Sandy Stone 

The problem with titles is that they never quite catch the essence of a  person, providing only a general roadmap of the territory ahead.  And perhaps that’s all we need right now, as once  you click the above Listen Now button, you will be in the studio with Sandy and us, as we dip a toe into students, sex and robots, electronically talking with the dead, new media creations, transgender transitions, Austin and Santa Cruz lifestyles. Nuff said, enjoy!   

L-R The Futures (Al & Sun Lundell) with Sandy Stone


Future News - New Mars Lander Takes Off, Mars Summit Underway, Uber Unveils Autonomous Flying Taxi Specs, Breakthrough Listen looks for E.T., Greg Panos on VRLA Highlights 

Listen Now to Future News 5.09.2018

We have a new $1 Billion Martian Lander on it’s way to the Red Planet, this time to study the internal structure of the planet, with plans to dig16 feet beneath the Martian surface!  And Uber’s specs for flying taxis have been released, looking quite Jetson - like..Could it be flying cars are almost here?  

And this week, Greg Panos gives us the skivvy on what was hot at LA’s big Virtual Reality event last weekend, VRLA.  Enjoy!


Uber’s planned Flying Autonomous Taxis


Interview - Dr. Bruce Damer- Update on his Origin of Life and Consciousness Explorations

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer

It’s been a few months since we’ve caught up with ‘Dr. Bruce’ and his globe-trotting adventures exploring the origins of life and consciousness.  An indy scientist, Bruce explores what most interests him in the world, which lately has been revolving around the origins of life on earth and a theory that biological life emerged from hot springs on the land, not volcanic vents under the sea. 

Dr. Bruce DamerAnd then there is the thorny question of how humanity got the way it is, with seemingly higher intelligence than the trillion other species on this planet, and an amazing ability to not simply create amazing works, but to also muck things up royally. Dr. Bruce spent some time last month at a major conference on research in consciousness and met with many fellow researchers, including Deepak Chopra, who interviewed Bruce for his daily podcast.  

Last month Dr.  Bruce returned from Pakistan and shares with us their changing perception of America and the rise of China and the new digital ‘silk road’ in the Middle East.  A good, albeit brief interview.  Enjoy!