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Future News - Space X Double Success, Crypto China Currency, Google and Avis, Apple and Hertz, Amazon Drone Hive, SST Boom, The Museum of Failure  

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A busy exciting news week with Space X achieving a double success, a new Colorado aerospace player, Boom, creating a supersonic transport, Avis and Hertz entering the autonomous vehicle arena, a new museum celebrating failure, Amazon’s plans for drone depots resembling bee hives in imajor metropolitan area, all presented by the Futures in our inimitabe engaging manner.  Enjoy!

Boom SST will travel at Mach 2.2 and carries 55 passengers


Future News and Views - with guests VR Maestro Gregory Panos, Uber Artist Richard Cray, Mr. G & the Magic Academy, and Indy Scientist Dr. Bruce Damer on the Origins of Consciousness

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Happy Solstice everyone!  This week we have a virtual party in the studio, with many of our extended Dr. Future family participating in today’s show.  Greg Panos is installing a state-of-the art VR System at our home at Future Peak. Richard Cray, an accomplished singer/actor, shares his insights into the future of the arts with VR.  Stan Grindstaff, aka Mr. G., tells us about his new Magic Academy. And Dr. Bruce shares with us his adventures at  latest theory on the Origins of Consciousness, recently presented at the Science of Consciousness Conference in San Diego.  Enjoy!

R-L Richard Cray, Dr. Mrs. Future, Gregory Panos at KSCO photo-R. Cray


Interview - John Draper aka 'Captain Crunch' on Russian Hacks, Protecting your Privacy, Hacking the Medical System, Witnessing a Nuclear Blast, Adventures with Woz and Jobs. 

Listen Now to John Draper aka Captain Crunch

We catch up with the Captain after he has sustained some serious back surgery in Las Vegas and is recuperating.  What does the grandfather of  computer hacking have to say about the Russian exploits of the US Election process? John also gives us some great tips on protecting our privacy, like what apps to use, and regales us with some of his favorite tales with the founders of Apple Computer, Woz and Jobs. 

Plus there is the earlier story of his witnessing an above ground nuclear blast in the Nevada desert in the early 1960’s, a particularly memorable event. This and many other stories are in his just about to be published biography, “Beyond the Little Blue Box, co-written with  Craig Wilson Fraser.

John also gives us an update on his physical condition, which has been subject to some complex back surgery of late, and his hacking of the medical system, especially in finding online info that can aid in his recovery.  A unique explorer at the intersection of technology and the human spirit, we think you’ll both learn from and enjoy listening to the ‘Captain.’  And if you can find it in your heart to contribute to his medical recovery fund, that would be insanely great..

The Captain with Dr. Future


Future News - Drones save lives carrying AED's, Breakthrough in How the Brain does Facial Recognition, Mrs. Future's Assessment of Current Cryptocurrency Trends, Dr. Future's Metal Detecting Robot, Wendy's Submersible.

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In these days where drones are getting a bad rap for being instruments of death, we must remember that the technology has many useful and even life-saving roles to play.  The latest positive use, from Sweden, has drones delivering AEDs, Automated External Defibrillators, quickly to people who have suffered a cardiac arrest.  This could be a life saver for many..

And researchers at the California Institute of Technology have discovered how the human brain identifies faces, and it’s way simpler than we thought, requiring only 205 neurons per face!  Also great this week is Mrs. Future’s summary of the state of cryptocurrency at this time, definitely worth a listen, especially if you are thinking of such currencies as an investment. 

And we have a doozy of an invention idea for you from Dr. Future this week, combining robotics with a metal detector to find, well, stuff…    Enjoy!


The Dragon Flies Again, India Flexes Orbital Muscle, Immune Boosting Works, AI's try to find their way home, Taylor reports on Apple and WWDC, and later shocked by MZ

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 6.062017

We had a lot of fun making this show, not the least of which were the surprises that spontaneously came up in discussion.  My favorite was when our Apple expert, Taylor Barcroft, was speechless when our KSCO station owner and friend Michael Zwerling called in and avowed to the world that he loved Trump! 

But you listen for the articles we discuss, not political opinion, right? This week we’ve got recycled rockets, lots of AIs, food printing, new antibiotics and immune boosting..Not to mention a major report from Taylor on Apple’s big announcements at WWDC this week. Enjoy!