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Fake News and Propaganda! What to do, what to do <yikes> !!

Listen now to Fake News and Propaganda 11.22.2016

This week we explore the topic of fake news and propoganda, from climate change to chem trails to the Kennedy assasination to our own news that happened on our watch last week, the strange super loud sonic blast above the Monterey Bay. Lots of callers chimed in as we explored this topic, with our good friend Dr. Bruce Damer adding his scientific sanity to the mix while brother Norm holds the space.  Enjoy!


Impacts of Election on Silicon Valley, Government and Business Dynamics, Col Terry weighs in on Trump, Mysterious Booms over Monterey Bay happens during our Broadcast with lots of "Earwitness" reports

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 11.15.2016

A very lively show today, discussing the election with some astute callers, including our local politcal pundit Col. Terry.  Then, at about 45 minutes into the show, a mysterious boom hit our local bioregion, the Monterey Bay. For the rest of the show, no more politics as we fielded call after call about the strange sound and vibrations in our neighborhood.  What actually happened?  We explore the possibility of an earthquake, a sonic boom, a thunder storm, an industrial accident.. No one knows as of this writing..

When the incident occured, we were planning to talk about the whole ‘fake news’ controversy affecting social media.  And what the universe gave us was an opportunity to find out what actually happened by talking first hand to “ear-witnesses.”  A very intriquing show.  Enjoy!


Not Politics as Usual with Dr. Bruce Damer on Updating the "Sourcecode" with a Constitutional Convention

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer and a new Constitutional Convention

What a crazy election cycle we’ve all had to endure!  Now that it is behind us, how might we do it better in the future? To discuss the possibilities, our guest is Dr. Bruce Damer, who floats the idea of a modern day Constitutional Convention, for updating our country’s ‘souce code’ to modern times. And given this was Election day, we fielded some rather poignant phone calls for this discussion, including some great comments from Mrs. Future. Enjoy!



Future News - Report on Automation and Jobs, In Remembrance of our Almost Famous John Monahan, Richard Karst of the Helluva Party, Hacking Lightbulbs

Listen Now to Future News 11.08.2016

We hear about how our country’s jobs are going overseas, but a recent report shows that the automation of U.S. factories is a much bigger factor than foreign trade in the loss of factory jobs.A study at Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research last year found that trade accounted for just 13 percent of America’s lost factory jobs. The vast majority of the lost jobs, 88 percent, were taken by robots and other homegrown factors that reduce a facotries’ need for human labor!

This week we honor artist John Monahan, a regular co-host with us for many months in 2014 and 2015.  He recently passed, and we share a few stories of John’s, in his own words. Norma Jean, our call screener and partner of Johns, joins us for this segment with a more personal honoring of John.

We also have Richard Karst join us to comically discuss his “Helluva Party,” a Santa Cruz home grown  political party whose campaign slogan is “Whatever.” He has bumper stickers and a party song, so hey, it’s election day! Enjoy..

Sun (Mrs. Future) with John Monahan after The Dr. Future Show


The New MacBook Pro, Nature's Mechanical Gears, Microbial Mars Attacks, Galactic Storms, Psychobiotics, and a Lively Discussion on Props 61 (prescription drug costs) and 64 (legalizing cannabis in CA)

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 11.01.2016

Boy, many of our favorite callers checked in on today’s show to the discuss what’s up ,especially Prop 64 on the California ballot regarding the legalization of marijuana.  At first it seems like a good piece of legislation, but deeper analysis reveals a number of flaws, one or more of which could be fatal.  In pure tax revenue we are talking about a minimum of an extra billion dollars a year going into the state coffers, and the spawning of many new cannabis oriented businesses, including the big boyz from mainstream corporate America. The small growers and cannabis entrepreneurs are leery of the extensive tax and regulations being levied, and almost 30% of revenues going directly to law enforcement after collection.  And the medical marijuana patients are concerned about prices rising and that there is still no medical plan that includes cannabis. We think you’ll enjoy our many callers on the topic, including KSCO’s highly articulate morning show host, Rosemary Chalmers.