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Future News - Digital Immortality, Nano Membrane Toliets, Martian Sunrise Sonata, Wildfire tracker Frank Schwartz on the California Wildfires

Listen Now to Future News 11.13.2018

As we evolve, new forms of self-expression and represenations of us is evolving too. We discuss some of the newest forms of these digital representations of us and our creative process. And speaking of creative, we have some artist scientists turning a Martian sunrise into music!

Back on our planet, Frank Schwartz gives us a detailed update on the progress of the biggest wildfires currently active in California, using the latest tools for tracking and evaluating these burning infernos. He also discusses the particulate fallout of these fires and best masks for protecting our lungs from these toxic airborne compounds. Franks comes on at 44:30 in the podcast.

A couple of callers shared with us more emergency websites for tracking fires and first responders. These resources are listed in our links page. Thanks for listening!

Frank Schwartz - Wildfire Tracker


Future News - Cray Cray Voting Booths Through Time, Homage to the Kepler and Dawn Missions as Starman Shoots Past Mars, LarvalBot reseeds Coral Reefs shortly after Tokamok Takes Leap Towards Total Fusion Power while GM explores the EBike business (but needs a name), and last in today's improbable headlines, (probably should have been first) The Internet of Smells Makes its first Whiff! www.drfutur

Listen Now to Future News 11.06.2018

Fun show today as folks head to the polls.  We share a little of the arcane history of polling booths and how they have evolved from the 19th century. We give a nod to a couple of space missions that have reached their end of life, honoring what they have contributed to us all, look at the future of energy and transportation, and most hilariously, the imminent arrival of the Internet of Smells! Enjoy..


Interview - Jim Rough with Corrina McFarlane and Ryan Sarnataro on Wisdom Council for Solving Community Issues, like the Santa Cruz Rail Corridor Use.

Listen Now to Jim Rough with Corrina and Ryan

Every community and company has its issues, but not all have a good way to resolve them effectly in a satisfying manner for most parties concerned.  Local Santa Cruz community and corporate problem solvers, Corrina McFarlane ( and Ryan Sarnataro ( been studying the Dynamic Facilitation work of Jim Rough ( for many years and are bringing his ‘Wisdom Council’ approach to Santa Cruz next week, for training locals in dealing with local issues, specifically the contentious railway corridor issue, a 32 mile stretch of rail that could become a new mass transit corridor, or an excellent bike, ebike, pedestrian artery through town. 

We discuss with Jim his approach to problem solving such issues and how he will go about his special training program next week in Santa Cruz. We also get an update from Ryan Santoro on the rail corridor project. Enjoy!

L-R Al Lundell (Dr. Future), Corrina McFarland, Ryan Sanatoro, Sun Lundell (Mrs. Future)


Future News - Parker Probe Fastest Human Object Ever, One Month For New Mars Lander, Scripts and Invidia Team up for the Genome, The Biggest Announcements from Apple 

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As the Parker Probe gets closer to the Sun, it has reached a speed of 153,000 mph, faster than any other human built object, and it’s just starting its mission.  And personalized medicine has gotten more sophisticated with the famed Scripts Institute teaming up with graphics leader Invidia in creating visuals and AI  for deeper understanding and manipulation of the human genome.

This week is also big for Apple fans, with announcements of new iPads and Macs, as well as some great software updates.  Our Apple agent, Taylor Barcroft is in the studio to bring you up-to-date! Enjoy..


Interview - Dr. Bruce Damer on Fake News and Media Perpetrated Trauma in our Lives 

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer

Deviating from our usual conversations with Dr. Bruce on Origins of Life and Outer Space Explorations, we delve into the realms of fake news, media stimulation of trauma, and how we may be on a destructive path with the use of our mobile technologies.  What can we do to get back on course? What new metaphors might we use? Can we reboot in time? Enjoy!