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Future News - Tasting the Impossible Burger, Israeli Moon probe about to land, Starlink goes into mass production, Japan bombs asteroid for science, DNA shredder tool announced 

Listen Now to Future News 4.09.2019

We finally get to try an Impossible Burger, not bad!  Getting excited about Starlink, a new way to access the Internet, independent of ISPs and country control, we have new and improved of slicing and dicing DNA, and Japan bombs an asteroid for science, a good week!


Interview - Riz Virk on his new book, The Simulation Hypothesis- An MIT Computer Scientist Shows Why AI, Quantum Physics and Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are In a Video Game

Listen Now to Riz Virk on The Simulation Hypothesis with Dr. Mrs. Future

Would you believe that life, the universe and everything in it is not real, but some sort of advanced beyond quantum computer simulation? Do you think information preceeds matter, that bits came before photons or molecules in origin of what is?  If so, does that mean we can hack it?

Riz Virk takes on these topics and more in a lively conversation about what’s real with Dr. Mrs. Future.  A warning before listening - when you tune in, your sense of space and time may be altered, most likely temporarily. Enjoy!


Future News - The Fragrance of Space, Sniffing Martian Methane, A Second Galaxy is Certified DM Free (DarkMatter),The Impossible Burger makes its move to become King, Snipping Pain out of DNA code, Neptunian Storm Vortex is hypothesized Hideout for Alien Zookeepers

Listen Now to Future News 4.02.2019

Are we worried about border shut-downs or having our liberties curtailed, like most responsible timely talk show hosts these days? Not really.. Our minds this week are out elsewhere, mostly way out there, .  In the news this week  we look forward to a new perfume fragrance, coming from outer space, Eau de Space Vacuum Spray, “with a deep metallic base that is balanced by a subtle yet seductive fiery undertone, helping men, women and children everywhere enjoy their float through the cosmos.” And that’s just the first story, from a Lockheed Martin press release, dated April 1.. Enjoy the show!

Suspected Zookeeper’s Base



Lunar Rocks under study, Google's Mars on Earth Streetview, Taylor Barcroft on Apple's latest announcements, Canine empathy with owners, Geoengineering a cooler Earth 

Listen now to the Dr.Mrs. Future Show 3.26.2019

Our Bay area scientists will literally have a field day this summer as they get their hands on some moon rocks, cyrogenically stored from the Apollo 17 mission of 1972 to the moon. And now the most Mars-like environment on Earth, Canada’s remote Devon Island, can be explored on Street View, thanks to Google.

The big news this week are all the announcements from Apple, especially their foray into entertainment and finance, with their very own credit system. With the help of our Apple analyst Taylor Barcroft, we take a closer look at what’s up in the Apple universe. Mrs. Future gives a little background on digital money and where it might be going, we look at some research in canine empathy, and a geoengineering proposal for cooling the planet.  Lots to think about this week, enjoy!


Google plays with Cloud Gaming, $99 AI computer from Nvidia, Planet 9 is likely Huge, Star kicked out of our Galaxy, Behold the Interstellar Halo Drive, Future of Education report by the Nordic Northern Star Team, Sensing the Earth's Magnetic Field, Mind directly controls Android Tablet

Listen Now to Future News 3.19.2019

Big news in the gaming world, with Google launching Stadia, their high performance cloud gaming service, add AI and object recognition to your robots with Nvidia’s $99 board computer, and we must wonder why an entire solar system with star was kicked out of the Milky Way family..hmm…passing bad gas?  Once we have the new Halo interstellar drive we could do an upclose investigation, even though the star was ejected at a phenomenal speed of a million miles an hour!

Back on this planet, the mostlly female millenial Nordic group known at the Northern Star Team are researching the future of education in the Bay area and give us a report on their findings so far. Though their results are preliminary, it does appear that we can look forward to more fun and passion in the educational process..

Did you ever notice that dogs have a sense of North and South?  Observational research shows that they often poop on the North/South access (after circling around a couple of times).  And new research shows that some humans have this ability as well. Who knew and what can these folks do with this hidden superpower? Enjoy..