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NASA Mission to the Sun, Stunning Jupiter Images, Journalist Eddy Goldberg and Universal Basic Income 

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 5.30.2017

It was great fun having our friend and colleague Eddy Goldberg in the studio today.  Our main topic was a discussion of Universal Basic Income, something being considered by many countries around the world at this time. Quite controversial, there were lots of calls on the topic and brings up many related issues. Enjoy!


Maker Faire Download, Mystery Star Weirdness, Bright Earth Flashes, Inherited Intelligence Study, Water Shed Ranger Kids in the Studio with a report 

Listen Now to The Dr.Future Show 5.23.2017

It’s been a big week for us, with our Maker Faire show on  KSCO’s Saturday Special with us and Michael Zwerling, currently on Youtube, with live video! And this week, we have some great stories from deep space, the ISS in Earth orbit, and ice particles in the upper atomosphere.

And in the last half hour of today’s show we have the WaterShed Rangers in the studio, 6th grade students from the San Lorenzo Valley Middle School, with their science teacher, Rachael Hager, and Mollie Behn, from the city of Santa Cruz’s Water Shed Council, who is director of the Watershed Rangers education programs for Santa Cruz County schools.

The kids give us a little health report on our beloved watershed, performing quite well on the radio, even though it is their first time on the air. Much thanks to Rachael and Mollie for making this happen and gratitude to the children for their efforts in researching and explaining the health of our watershed to us.  Enjoy!

 The Watershed Rangers and Teachers in the Studio!


Future News - Amy Goodman Sun Report, Tesla Autodrive Hack, Sherrie Huss - Co-Founder of Maker Faire on this year's Highlights, Michael Zwerling on the new KSCO SF plans, Ransomware Hack Details

Listen Now to Future News 5.16.2017

A fun show today with a great report from Mrs. Future (Sun) on Amy Goodman’s talk in Santa Cruz, Dr. Future speaks with the co-founder of the Maker Faires, Sherrie Huss, about this year’s 125,000 people plus event, Michael Zwerling, KSCO owner stops by to give us an update on expansion plans to San Francisco, we discuss the current Ransomware virus, with an update from our friend and colleague, Vernon. Enjoy!



Interview - Journalist Don Lattin on his New Book, "Changing Our Minds - Psychedelic Sacraments and the New Psychotherapy 

Listen Now to Don Lattin

It was great to talk to journalist Don Lattin so openly about a topic normally below the radar of public discourse.  In his new book Don explores the theurapeutic effects of some mild altering substances, in terms of research currently underway and his own journey with depression. 

Changing Our Minds is the latest installment in a trio of books about the recent history and future prospects for finding beneficial uses for drugs and plant medicines like LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and ayahuasca. Don comes out of the psychedelic closet in his latest book, sharing personal stories of transformational experiences.  Enjoy!


Future News - with studio guests Bruce Erickson and Brian Hardin. X-37B Shuttle Lands Safely after a 2 year orbital mission, Elon's Boring Company Plans, Closer to Bonobos to Chimps, Santa Cruz Art & Tech Fest

Listen Now to Future News 5. 09.2017

Lots of help in reflecting on Future News this week, with one Dr. Future’s oldest friends, Bruce Erickson, up from Santa Barbara, and Brian Hardin, an audio guru and all around cosmic being from LA.  In the news, the X-37B Air Force space shuttle  has landed after over two years in orbit, Elon Musk reveals his vision for the new Boring Company, and the Santa Cruz Art & Tech Festival begins this week! And least we forget, remember the Bonobos! Enjoy..