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Future News - Lava Tunnels on the Moon, AT&T, Apple and Google Collaborate for Puerto Rico Communictions, Delphi buys Nutonomy, Alpha Go Zero Beats all Masters with No Training, Living Electronics Breakthrough

Listen Now to Future News 10.24.2017

In disaster coverage, good news from Puerto Rico, where the island is getting some innovative communications, thanks to teamwork between AT&T, Apple and Google.  Project Loon has launched their communications balloons over the island, Apple has turned on Band 8 for their LTE equipped phones and the signals are being meshed through the AT&T network in Puerto Rico.  Exciting success! 

Moon Base Alpha Go ZeroMeanwhile the AI Alpha Go Zero is now learning without prior teaching and absorbing of prior knowledge, learing as it goes in playing the game GO, with phenomenal success, Duke scientists are growing electronic circuits using programmable self-assembling bacteria and massive lava tubes have been discovered on the moon, potential candidates for an underground base there. Enjoy!!



Interviews and Fire Updates with WIFIRE's Dr. Ilkay Altintas at UCSD and Wildfire Tracker Frank Schwartz

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 10.17.2017

Given the intensity and severity of today’s wildfire’s, what high tech tools do our firefighters have at their disposal for becoming aware of these events?  We interview Dr. Illkay Altintas, one of the creators of the highly touted WIFIRE network, using a multitude of sensors and human input on the ground combined with NASA satellite info for not just showing the severity of a fire but also predictions of how the fire will progress into the future. 

We also talk with Frank Schwartz, an experienced firetracker who uses WIFIRE and Google Earth tools for seeing what’s happening with the latest fires, such as those we have experienced in Santa Rosa and the Santa Cruz Mountain areas.


Project Loon and WiFire projects to the Rescue, Nordic Impact Week on the Bay, Half of the Missing Matter in the Universe Found, Digital Nomad Entrepreneur Shannon Leonard Visits

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 10.10.2017

In response to the latest natural disasters affecting us, Google has launched Project Loon, providing much needed emergency wifi communications in Hurrican ravaged Puerto Rico and UCSD has deployed WiFire to more accurately predict the course and scope of the masive wind-whipped fires of California’s wine country. 


We speak with Lars Ling and fellow Scandanavians during Nordic Impact Week in the Bay area, who were Facebooking us Live while they were on the air with Dr. Mrs. Future! It’s amazing what project the Nordics are making real in social media, augmented reality, communications and clean tech. Their high energy and love for what they are doing comes clearly through our interview.

Millenial digital entrepreneur and nomad Shannon Leonard drops into our studios for the last part of the show, sharing with his the ins and outs of his mobile lifestyle.  Trained as a film and video editor in Hollywood, he takes his skills on the road, visiting friends, family and interesting locations world wide, while making social media and other forms self-expression.  Is this the future of lifestyle?  Many think so, and with Shannon you get a taste of this way of living.  Enjoy!



Crowd-Sourced Gun Violence Solutions with our live Radio Audience

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 10.03.2017

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas Massacre, the worst mass shooting in recent US history, we focused our live audience on calling in possible solutions to this madness. From gun shot detectors at large events to a mental health evaluation for everyone applying for a gun permit, we look at the pros and cons of such potential solutions.  We also take a look at other countries, such as Germany and Australia to see if we may take a page from their playbook.   This is a serious folks, with no easy solution.  But fortunately, we have a collective desire to move this issue forward, and this show is our first attempt to move the needle on our out of control gun issue. We look forward to your ideas and comments.


Future News - Puerto Rico and Disaster Preparedness, NASA heartbeat Detector in Mexico Quake, Flying autonomous Taxis in Dubai, Prayer Debug Power 

Listen Now to Future News 9.26.2017

With all the natural disasters of late, we look more closely at the issue of ‘Disaster Preparedness’ this week, and better ways to think about it. Col Terry calls in, for example, to discuss how people build too close to the ocean and flood plains, and often after a disaster, they rebuild in the same place.  An important topic in which we all have a stake..