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Future News - Zuma Mystery, Alexa vs Google Assistant AI Wars Heat Up at CES, Intel's Neuromorphic and Quantum Chips, Growing Taller in Space, Net Neutrality Repeal, Speed Breeding, Revealing the 4th Dimension of Space 

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The personal agent AI wars heat up this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with Google putting big bucks behind advetising Google Assistant, in an attempt to dethrone the very popular Alexa AI from Amazon.  Both want to be your servant and offer audio control of your devices and your home appliances.  Meanwhile Intel, in an attempt to re-create themselves with more productive chips have invented microprocessors that model the functioning of the human brain and embrace the burgeoning field of quantum computing..And in outer space, one astronaut is getting so tall he may not fit in his return seat on the Soyous spacecraft!   Then there is the mysterious 4th Dimension of Space..  Enjoy!!

Intel’s CES 2018 announcement of their quantum chip


Future News - Space-X vs Blue Origin,Snowden on Iranian Protests, Cleaning up the Ocean Plastic, Navigible Cubesats, Metalens for easy to wear VR/AR, China Space Station will Plummet to Earth Soon, Update on Moller Skycar  

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Welcome to the New Year and some of our top stories for this week.  We had a chance ot visit Dr. Paul Moller over the holidays and have an update on his life long quest for building VTOL aircraft.  And Cubesats, don’t forget the Cubesats, your chance to engage with space endeavors personally.  And then there is Ed Snowden’s idea to help the Iranian protesters..



It's Boxing Day in the Commonwealth and We are Out and About, Celebrating this Grand Tradition. Meanwhile Bruce Lipton, James Gleick and John Grady will keep you perky with their memes.

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In Canada, England, Australia, and other such English enclaves there thrives a holiday not usually celebrated in the US. And yes, that is Boxing Day, where essentially you spend the day hopping from one friend’s house to another, cadtching up on the last year with each other.  That that we have instant video/phone/text  social media of all sorts, it seems rather quaint a tradition.  But I tell you, there’s nothing like actually hanging out with friends and family, doing fun things together.

With that in mind, while we are out and about we will share with you some of our favorite guests in this last year.  First is Dr. Bruce Lipton, with whom we are sharing a passion for VIrtual Reality and its ability to help explore who we are as sentient biological organisms on Planet Earth. And to get a deeper reflection into the nature of Time itself, we present science journalist James Gleick and his new book on the history of Time Travel. And then taking things back to the realms of health, we presnet you with our very own Dr. John Grady who, with several other renaissance healers, has opened a local healing clinic in Santa Cruz, replete with Stem Cell treatments of all kinds, and other cutting edge therapies. Just wow!  Enjoy!


Future News -Pentagon's Search for UFOs, Alien Water, Billboards on Moon, Helium 3, Trump Disney Audioanimatronics, Crypto Updates

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Lots of future news today with some of our favorite Dr. Future Show contributors in the house to help analyze and discuss what’s happening; Greg Panos and Richard Cray. Plus Mrs. Future gives us a great summary of Crypto evolution. Enjoy and may you enjoy your holidays!

There’s a new robot at Disney World


Interview - Rabbi Eli Cohen and Akindele Bankole with Carrie Toder on The Jewish Renewal Community,Chadeish Yameinu 

Listen Now to Rabbi Eli Cohen and friends

It’s the high holy season and to introduce us to arguably the most progressive of new Jewish traditions, the Renewel Movement, we present you with Rabbi Eli Cohen, Akindele Bankole, and Carrie Toder, of the Chadeish Yameinu congregation in Santa Cruz, CA. Known for embracing wisdom from many avenues, from Sufism to the LGBT community, Chadeish Yameinu members and their Rabbi share their pov with our live KSCO audience.  We also play “A Cup of Kindness,” a tune by singer Alisha Fineman, a sample of what to expect on their upcoming benefit concert December 17 at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz. Enjoy!

L-R Dr.Future, Carrie Toder, Akindele Bankole, Mrs. Future, Rabbi Eli Cohen