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Future News - Bit Coin Basics, Taylor Barcroft on Apple's powerful new low cost iPad, Demise of the Chinese Space Station and the Humanity Star, Artificial Meteor Showers, Cambridge Analytica Facebook Debacle Analysis and Update, China’s yuan-denominated crude oil futures impact

Listen Now to Future News 3.27.2018

Looks like a good week to look up, with the Chinese space station coming down, as well as the glittery Humanity Star, and soon artificial meteors to entertain us all.  Meanwhile our rights of privacy take another hit with the Cambridge Analytica Facebook debacle, as we attempt to sort out the latest in this developing story of manipulation, control, and hopefully liberation from limiting uses of our most valuable personal data.  And now you can read and comment on all this from a new powerful inexpensive iPad, just announced! Enjoy..


Future News - Stephen Hawkings Last Paper, 3D $10K Printed House in One Day, Black Hole Belches, Macular Degeneration Cure, White Label AI, Autonomous Car Death Implications 

Listen Now to Future News 3.20.2018

Sadly, Stephen Hawkings passed this month, but he did write a final paper on how we may ascertain if we live in a universe or a multiverse, using a space probe!  And debuted at SxSW last week was a 3D printed house for less that $10K, and less than $5K in larger numbers. The days of homelessness could be numbered..

And as many of you know we have been tracking the evolution of autonomous cars for many years, knowing that one day someone would actually die by one. That day has finally arrived and the fallout has been huge.  Naturally talk radio is where the public raises many questions regarding these new fangled cars, not the least of which are the issues of responsibility, fault and safety.

 $10K 3-D printed house in one day


Future News - Report on the Nano World's Fair, Cora - Google's Autonomous Flying Taxi, Twitter's Fast Traveling Fake Stories, Believable Fake Videos and their impact on us all, the End of Scarcity  

Listen Now to Future News 3.13.2018

We had a blast at the Nano World’s Fair in San Francisco last weekend and for the first part of the show share with you some of our highlights, from the speakers to the tech and food on display. It would have been nice to see Google’s new autonomous flying taxi, Cora, at the fair!

And this week, with a new report on how fake news spreads on Twitter, and the advent of what are known as “Deep Fake” videos, we have a lively conversation with call-ins, including VR Avatar pioneer Greg Panos, on what it all means for the future of news, especially. Enjoy!


Future News - Quantum Supremacy Approaches with Bristlecone, AI Transcriber App, Watson in Space, Disneyland Embraces Street View, CEO Michael Weiss on The Nano World's Fair in SF, Seeing around corners, Separating Liquids with Laser Tweezers, Common Ape Language, Pole Shift Anomoly, The Power of Luck

Listen Now to Future News 3.06.2018

It looks like the race for Quantum Supremacy is on with Google’s new 72 cubit Quantum Computer, outpacing IBM’s 50 cubit machine, announced just a few months ago. And closer to home, you may want to try a free new app that will do instant speech-to-text for you.  

New VR experiences at the Nano World’s Fair 2018 San FranciscoIf you want to see some of the coming new technologies in person, like VR and AR, or see some meat grown from stem cells instead of an animal or go for a ride in an autonomous car, consider visiting the Nano World’s Fair, coming up this weekend in San Francisco. This week we speak with CEO of the Nano Worlds Fair, Michael Weiss, and get the download and what’s hot to see and who to hear at this coming weekend’s event at Pier 48 in San Francisco.

And we have some great discussions this week, sparked by our slate of articles, such as a common ape language we may all know, and the effect of luck on success.  Enjoy!

The Space Station’s new HelpBot, CIMON


Interview - CEO of EV Share, Eduardo Muñoz, and his Clean Green Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem for Solving Traffic Congestion

Listen Now to Eduardo Muñoz

Eduardo Muñoz is a man with a vision, and a grand plan that just might change the way we move from one place to another, especially when it comes to commuting to our workplaces and back home.

If Eduardo and Eduardo Munoz, CEO of EV Sharehis partners have their way, we’ll soon be traveling via fleets of fully autonomous solar-charged electric robot cars, relaxing or doing work instead of driving,  while the computer handles the road.  The beta test will be the highly congested two hour commute from California’s affordable Central Valley to Bay Area workplaces in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  If all goes according to plan and EV Share’s impending $150 million ICO, you will be able to hop aboard these green robo-cabs by this time next year! Enjoy.

L-R Eduardo Munoz, Giselle Bisson, Mrs. Future, Dr. Future, Miguel Angel Bravo


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