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Back from the Eclipse, NASA Riding out the Houston Hurricane, Report from Siggraph 2017 with Greg Panos and Richard Cray, Stem Cell Meat Goes Gourmet, Whopper Coin Hits Russia

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 8.29.2017

We are back from the Great American Eclipse with tales to tell, including this 3 min vid of our moment of Totality. And with Hurricane Harvey ravaging Texas, just how did NASA cope with the storm, given that they have several critical missions underway, not the least of which is the running of the International Space Station? 

This week we have a special report on Siggraph 2017 from two of our seasoned reporters, Greg Panos and Richard Cray. For those not familiar with Siggraph, you are in for a treat, as this conference brings together many of the top creative minds of computer graphics and animation with those of artists who thrive in these realms. And did I mention the parties? These beautifully orchestrated events are where some of the best schmoozing between artistis, scientists, engineers and writers happen, often leading to next year’s creative expressions on our various screens.  Greg and Richard clue us in to some of the happenings at Siggraph this year. Richard also reminds us of the 40th Anniversay of Voyagers I & II, our first NASA foray to the outer planets

And Memphis Meats gets another big round of funding, a Silicon Valley startup that promises to disrupt the trillion dollar a year meat industry. Meanwhile Burger King start their own cryptocurrency, “Whopper Coin.” Fun information-packed show, enjoy!!




Off to the Eclipse!

Hi Folks, we are off to the total eclipse of the Sun, and will be back the last week of August for our report.  Enjoy your summer and you’ll hear from us again soon! Al & Sun (Dr. Mrs. Future)


Future Views - SF Drone Racing, Luigi Oppido on Net Neutrality, Taylor Barcroft on $1 Virgin Mobile iPhone deal, Water on Moon, Glass Revival, AI Creativity, Rise of the Super-Sapiens, Esalen is Back  

Listen Now to Future Views 2017-07-25

It’s the middel of summer and our last show before we head out to destinations North and East.  Mrs. Future won a drone at the SF Xfinity drone speed challenge!  And meet Luigi Oppido, founder/proprieter of Pleasure Point Computers, who will be our guest host for the month of August, when Mrs. Future and I are away.  We discuss the importance of Net Neutrality, and why we should pay attention to this issue now.    Taylor Barcroft stops by to discuss Virgin Mobile’s seemingly amazing $1 iPhone/unlimited Inner Circle deal, and on the rest of the show we discuss with each other and callers the topics mentioned in our header.  Happy Summer, Enjoy!


Interview - Dr. John Grady on Stem Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine

Listen Now to Dr. John Grady

We’ve all heard about stem cell and related therapies in recent years, but what has actually made it to the local medical clinics?  We speak with John Grady, D.O., an emergency room doc who with several partners has opened a regenerative medicine clinic in Santa Cruz, Harbor Health Center.  We discuss what therapies his clinic offers, including prolotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen treatments and is best treated by these state-of-the art approaches to better health. We also discuss what stem cell therapies don’t cure or have a therapeutic application.  Enjoy!

L-R Dr. Future, Dr. John Grady, Mrs. Future


Future News - Google's Project Debug Mosquitoes,Crypto Mining Slump, IBM's Plan to Encrypt the Planet, Turning Audio Clips into Lip-Synched Video, Projecting Images Directly Into the Brain, Inventor of Self-Cleaning House Dies, Disney's Westworld for Starwars,Ross 128 Mystery Radio Signals From Space 

Listen Now to Future News 2017.07.18

It’s summertime and wouldn’t be nice not to deal with mosquitoes. Google has a plan..Crypto mining is in a Ms. Gabe’s model of her self-cleaning houseslump, and you can get some great deals on computer graphics cards as people leave the mining business. Now it is possible to create lip synched videos of anyone with only a few audio files of them. Fake News has never had so many new tools! A self cleanihng house?  Think of a giant cement dishwasher that you live in..something the Aliens of Ross 128 may indeed appreciate! And what’s up with Disney’s Westworld for the Star Wars zone? Enjoy :-)Disney’s Luxury Space Hotel in a Galaxy Not that Far Away