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Future News - New Mars Lander Takes Off, Mars Summit Underway, Uber Unveils Autonomous Flying Taxi Specs, Breakthrough Listen looks for E.T., Greg Panos on VRLA Highlights 

Listen Now to Future News 5.09.2018

We have a new $1 Billion Martian Lander on it’s way to the Red Planet, this time to study the internal structure of the planet, with plans to dig16 feet beneath the Martian surface!  And Uber’s specs for flying taxis have been released, looking quite Jetson - like..Could it be flying cars are almost here?  

And this week, Greg Panos gives us the skivvy on what was hot at LA’s big Virtual Reality event last weekend, VRLA.  Enjoy!


Uber’s planned Flying Autonomous Taxis


Interview - Dr. Bruce Damer- Update on his Origin of Life and Consciousness Explorations

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer

It’s been a few months since we’ve caught up with ‘Dr. Bruce’ and his globe-trotting adventures exploring the origins of life and consciousness.  An indy scientist, Bruce explores what most interests him in the world, which lately has been revolving around the origins of life on earth and a theory that biological life emerged from hot springs on the land, not volcanic vents under the sea. 

Dr. Bruce DamerAnd then there is the thorny question of how humanity got the way it is, with seemingly higher intelligence than the trillion other species on this planet, and an amazing ability to not simply create amazing works, but to also muck things up royally. Dr. Bruce spent some time last month at a major conference on research in consciousness and met with many fellow researchers, including Deepak Chopra, who interviewed Bruce for his daily podcast.  

Last month Dr.  Bruce returned from Pakistan and shares with us their changing perception of America and the rise of China and the new digital ‘silk road’ in the Middle East.  A good, albeit brief interview.  Enjoy!


Future News - Larry Harvey Transitions, F8 Happenings and Zuck Keynote, Online Global Shaman Event, Blue Origins Launch, Oculus Launches $199 VR Rig, New Computer Interfaces, Rise of 5G

Listen Now to Future News 5.01.2018

A big week for Facebook, with their F8 Developer’s Conference under way.  Zuck takes the stages, apologizes and shows what is in the works for the near future, including a new $199 Oculus Go VR setup.  

The Modern Shaman Mystery SchoolAnd while all this tech stuff is happening, there is a global online event featuring modern day shamans, sharing their wisdom with us all.

Jeff Bezos launches another test of Blue Origin, his upcoming passenger rocket to space.  We also look at some new ways to interact with our machines, what higher 5G  bandwidth will do for us, and looking at jobs for humans beyond what the robots will be doing. Enjoy!




Guest - Cosmo Scharf, founder of VRLA

Listen Now to Cosmo Scharf with Greg Panos

There is lots going on in the Virtual Reality industry these days, such as the release of Facebook’s new $199 headset, the Oculus Go.  To bring us up to date we have Cosmo Scharf, founder of VRLA (Virtual Reality Los Angeles) and Gregory Panos, industry insider and regular contributer to our show. VRLA, happening this coming weekend, promises to be the world’s largest festival dedicated to the immersive technology, with 12000+ attendees, hundreds of tech demos, art installations, educational sessions, and product launches. Enjoy!

Cosmo Scharf, founder of VRLA


Guest - Drew Glover - Futurist, Community Builder, Santa Cruz Native Son

Listen Now to Drew Glover

A native son of Santa Cruz, Drew is a modern renaissance man and community builder focused on bringing our community forward on important issues like education, transportation, and race relations. In this interview we focus on the man, being brought up as a mixed race kid in predominately white Santa Cruz, facing the differences in culture between the parents, alternative educational experiences, and the importance of nonviolent training and literacy in creating a better society.  One of the most articulate and compassionate people we have interviewed, you will enjoy listening to Drew!

Guest Drew Glover with Dr. Mrs. Future (Allan & Sun Lundell)