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Waze vs Apple vs Google Maps, AI Lawyer more accurate and 200X faster, Sweden runs out of Garbage, Renewables now on par with Fossil Fuels, Promixa B's oceans vaporized by Solar Belch, Earth Microcrobes could live on Enceladas, Transparent solar cells, Moon water may be abundant 

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Can you imagine running out of garbage?  Maybe only if you ran out of resources, but no..Sweden has such an efficient recycling system that they need to import their rubbish to keep their system functional.. And now that lawyers are being supplanted by AI’s, perhaps it’s time for AI Lawyer jokes?  We need them, there is a derth of AI jokes.  The only one I’ve heard that is remotely funny isn’t even about AI or lawyers: What do you call a blonde who has died her hair brown? Answer: artificial intelligence. <groan>

Enceladus, Saturn’s watery moon and home for microbial colonistsMicrobes may be on Enceladus, the watery moon of least we’ve found microbes on Earth that just maybe could live there..Hey, forget about human migration into the solar system, let’s get our microbes out there! At least biology would survive for a few more billion years..but wait, water on the moon too? Maybe life is already there… and with our new handy dandy Stratolaunch cruizer, we could investigate.Enjoy!



Interview - Therapist Jessica Britt on Healing/Evolving the American Psyche

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As the nation once again embroils itself into the issues of gun violence in our schools, Jessica takes us on a psychological journey of the human psyche, looking into our underlying abusive behaviors and treatment for these illneses currently afflicting our collective culture. She draws upon her experiences as a psychiatric nurse in the streets of San Francisco, personal childhood trauma, the 60’s revolution, Esalen Gestalt training with Dick Price, the Diamond approach to self-realization, and her own insights in addressing our cultural violence issues, taking us beyond these destructive cycles. Let’s go!

L-R Dr. Mrs. Future Jessica Britt


Future News - Low Cost Low Orbit Ubiquitous Internet from Space X, Kitts Peak Gets Dark Energy Upgrade, AI will make us Superhuman Workers, NASA Designing Submarine for Titan's Methane Seas, Mars Base in Oman,  

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Some great news, Space X will be launching this week two test satellites for their planned low earth orbit internet network, with the promise of low cost global internet for all.  Why deal witih all the telecom beauacracies on the planet if we could simply pick up high speed internet cheaply from satellites?   And here come the space subs!  NASA has released plans for a submarine to explore the methane oceans of Titan, a large moon of Saturn. Not for humans of course, but imagine what might exist in these ancient extra planetary seas..enjoy.

Proposed submarine for exploring the methane seas of Titan


Interview - Dr. Ralph H. Abraham on Hip Santa Cruz, Volume 2

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Known for his work in Chaos Theory and visual mathematics, Dr. Ralph was also a veteran of the psychedelic 60’s, leaving the ivory towers of Princeton for the redwood forests of the University of California at Santa Cruz to pursue his academic career. It wasn’t the new University that really convinced him to come west as a young professor, but the hip culture of the times, in this beautiful part of California.

There was a spark then that got his attention, a spark ignited by LSD and fueled by rampant creativity amongst artists and muscians of the area. Now, Ralph has collected first-person accounts of the Hip Culture of Santa Cruz in the 1960’s, and in our interview shares a few of his personal adventures from that turned-on era.  Enjoy!


Interview with Laura Bishop and Jaime Joy about this year's "What is Erotic?" Cabaret Variety Show. 

Listen Now to Laura and Jamie on “What is Erotic?”

Back to it’s variety show format, this year’s “What is Erotic?” Santa Cruz-based  variety show promises to be more diverse, edgey and funnier than ever.  We speak with founder Laura Bishop and Diversity Director Jaime Joy about the show and how eroticism in the community has evolved over the many years the show has been created. We also delve into discussing the #metoo movement, moving it more towards what might be called #wetoo. Enjoy!

The Futures with Laura Bishop and Jaime Joy