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Dr. Future News 1.03.11

Welcome to 2012 and a new year of renaissance breakthroughs in science, technology, and consciousness.  This week MC hager checks in from Boulder Creek, and we have a chock full of interesting stories to discuss and share..


An Astrological Look at 2012 by Dusty Park

Listen Now to Dusty Park on 2012

Yes, 2012 is upon us and we have our cybertribal astrologer, Dusty Park, give us a major download on key energies and days to track in this apocryphal year.  Get ready for major change!

If you are interested in more info, check out Dusty’s iPhone App “iTime Capsule.” 



Top Breakthoughs of 2011, Predictions and Special FX


Dr. Future Show News 12.27.11

Join us as we discuss the the breakthroughs of 2011, and look at what the 2012 has in store, or so we may think…


Our Holiday show with Drs. Hal Myers, Stephen Sideroff on Bio/Neuro Feedback

Listen Now to Drs. Myers and Sideroff on Bio/Neurofeedback

 Hal and Stephen are pioneers in the world of biofeedback, neurofeedback, addiction and human potential.  I first got to know them when we were all at McGill University together, back in the 1970’s.  Hal and I were taking a class in Advanced Research Methods in Psychology, and Stephen was our instructor.  Today Hal runs Thought Technology, a company of 60 employees, and Stephen teaches at UCLA and runs Moonview Sanctuary, a rehab center for the stars in LA.  

A future project we will be exploring is what Stephen calls “The Mind/Body Room,”  a place you can tune into your highest personal capabilities.  We’ll be discussing exactly what that is…

Here are their bios:  

Hal Myers, Ph.D.


Dr. Hal Myers

Hal Myers, Ph.D. is Cofounder and President of Thought Technology Ltd.
Hal conceived of and designed the original Thought Technology products, including the world’s best selling (over 600,000) GSR2 biofeedback home trainer. Since then, he has defined and directed all new product development at Thought Technology.
Hal earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, and his Doctorate in Experimental Medicine (a combination of Behavioral medicine, Cardiology, and Biomedical Engineering) from McGill University.
His doctorate and post-doctoral research involved using biofeedback to control pain in general and then specifically for Angina Pectoris. In addition, he received training in psychophysiology and saw a wide variety of patients for principally behavioral problems in which biofeedback was the primary or adjunctive treatment.
Since 1980, he has devoted his time to new product development, regulatory affairs, and all the issues related to jointly running what is currently a 53 person company. He also enjoys working with clinicians to discuss new applications and protocols, and is very interested in future technological trends.
On the personal side, Hal is an avid photographer, and enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, rowing, cross country and downhill skiing, and other outdoor sports. He also enjoys a healthy lifestyle including a mostly vegetarian diet, and spends the greater part of the six warm summer months working from his island home, 60 miles north of Montreal.


Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D.

Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D, is the Clinical Director and founding partner of Moonview Sanctuary, overseeing all treatment protocols and research study design. He is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, specializing in Gestalt therapy, stress related issues and optimal performance. He is an internationally recognized expert and researcher in behavioral medicine, bio and neurofeedback and addiction. Dr Sideroff is also an Assistant Professor at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, as well as the Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics.

Dr. Sideroff helped establish the first Gestalt Therapy clinic in Los Angeles and partnered with Santa Monica Hospital to open the first hospital-based stress treatment center. 
Dr. Sideroff has traveled nationally and internationally presenting professional training workshops and invited lectures. By combining his research in behavioral psychology with his clinical training in Gestalt Therapy and neuroscience, Dr. Sideroff developed two top selling audio programs aimed at helping individuals develop greater resilience towards stress. The first program, Stress Control with Biofeedback, has sold over 50,000 copies and has been translated into four languages. The second audio program, Resilience, defines the nine components of resilience & outlines a six week self-guided program of stress mastery and optimal functioning. 
A former college handball champion, Dr. Sideroff now specializes in the strategies of peak performance in sports and the science of optimal functioning in all areas of performance. He has worked with a number of elite athletes, as well as teams, including the UCLA men’s basketball team, the Pepperdine men’s basketball team, the UCLA women’s golf team, the US Men’s National soccer team, and the Nike women’s beach volleyball team. 

Dr. Sideroff has also studied indigenous healing practices for fourteen years with a South American shaman.


Behavioral Medicine, Neurofeedback, Optimal Performance, Substance abuse, Resilience


Missile salute, Brainlink your fav gadgets, Superflies on Titan, Supersizing Space Flight

Listen Now Dr. Future news 12.20.2011


And now for the latest in Dr. Future News, an optimistic realistic humorous look at stories of the week that portend our collective future..