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Catastrophes, Earth Changes and Emergency Preparedness with Hallelujah Blessing

Dr. Future Show March 15th, 2011   Guest Hallelujah Blessing    Click here to Listen

Japan has a triple catastophe, and the world is watching Libya, world leaders feeling unresolved about opposing the cruelty of Gadaffi… What can Santa Cruz do to help? DrFuture has a number of suggestions to pass on involving internet and keeping the faith.  We have a visitor in the studio, Agent Bob Hoya, currently living in Thailand, who adds his insightful perspective to the conversation.

Our guest for the second hour is none other than Santa Cruz’s own Hallelujah Blessing, co-founder of Transmodular Hospitals and of the Temple of Yes.  A long time student of earth changes, he gives us a few scenarios to consider.  We also delve into emergency preparedness and what we can do here and now to be ready for earth changes.

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