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Future News - A closer look at the Blue Moon Lander, the Ben Lomond Wallflower, a hummingbird robot, fuel from seawater, interview with founder of Maker Faire, Dale Doherty, a cellular speedometer, living cellular machines from Cornell, Sniper tracking earphones. 

We are a step closer to lunar exploration with Jeff Bezo’s announcement of the Blue Moon Lander last week, a resusable ship that will allow us to regularly visit the moon and bring cargo.  What’s next, an Amazon movie studio and hotel on the moon? We take a closer look..
And this week we have the pleasure of speaking with the founder of the Maker movement, Dale Dougherty, about this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds this coming weekend. The Maker Movement is now international with local maker faires happening practically everywhere. Find out what’s hot this year. Enjoy!

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