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Future News and Constitutional Lawyer Daniel Sheehan on a Call for Action

Listen Now to The Dr. Future Show  1.27.14

Some interesting news this week, such as SpaceX getting $1 Billion from Google and Fidelity, and iRobot starting a venture capital company.  Most of our time this week, however, is dedicated to our guest, Constitutional and public interest lawyer, Daniel Sheehan, who brings to our attention a serious threat to our constitutional rights and what we can do about it, here and now. 

In response to constitutional violations of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, the Romero Institute is working to create a Constitution Protection Zone in Santa Cruz.  This would require all Santa Cruz City and County law enforcement officers to actively stop outside agencies from enforcing the unconstitutional  sections of the act.

Federal agents being stopped by local police?  It’s getting interesting now..


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