Future News and Dialog with our Callers - Sexual Misconduct in the News, Hyperloop in Denver, Dreamchaser Spaceship Successfully Tested,Autonomous Weapons Ban, Bill Gates City of the Future in Arizona, What is Truth in the Media These Days, AI Truth Detector 
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Digeratti Allan Lundell in Bill Gates city of the future, Discussion, Report, edutainment, hyperloop denver, politics, sexual, talk show

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 11.14.2017

Lots of call-ins today, a lot of concern over fake news and finding the truth about politics and people in the news. Of course, the sexual misconduct of our political and entertainment leaders is a big topic right now, so we have delved into those charged waters. We also cover the introduction of the hyperloop towards solving some of Denver’s transportation congestion issues, a new space shuttle, and the design of an AI Truth/Lie Dectector. Enjoy!

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