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Future News and Views - with guests VR Maestro Gregory Panos, Uber Artist Richard Cray, Mr. G & the Magic Academy, and Indy Scientist Dr. Bruce Damer on the Origins of Consciousness

Listen Now to The Dr. Future Show 6.21.2017

Happy Solstice everyone!  This week we have a virtual party in the studio, with many of our extended Dr. Future family participating in today’s show.  Greg Panos is installing a state-of-the art VR System at our home at Future Peak. Richard Cray, an accomplished singer/actor, shares his insights into the future of the arts with VR.  Stan Grindstaff, aka Mr. G., tells us about his new Magic Academy. And Dr. Bruce shares with us his adventures at  latest theory on the Origins of Consciousness, recently presented at the Science of Consciousness Conference in San Diego.  Enjoy!

R-L Richard Cray, Dr. Mrs. Future, Gregory Panos at KSCO photo-R. Cray

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