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Future News (Beach house edition) - Eco Farm Conference Highlights, Cheap Satellite Surveillance, De-extinction and Passenger Pigeons, Using drones for Eliminating Invasive Species, Retraining rodents 

Listen Now to Future News 1.29.2019

This week Dr. Future has to attend to potential jury duty, so he and Mrs. Future pre-recorded the first hour of this week’s news while he is in court.  This week we have a report on Eco Farm Highlights with Mrs. Future from a major conference at Asilomar that she attended, we look also look at how a private company, Planet, is dominating the Satellite surveillance market with daily pictures of what you want to see (revolutionizing farming) with tiny cheap satellites, how the biotech revolution can reverse the extinction of species, such as the Passenger pigeon, and how drones can eliminate invasive species. Enjoy!

There are plans to de-extinct the Passenger Pigeon

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