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Future News - Bit Coin Basics, Taylor Barcroft on Apple's powerful new low cost iPad, Demise of the Chinese Space Station and the Humanity Star, Artificial Meteor Showers, Cambridge Analytica Facebook Debacle Analysis and Update, China’s yuan-denominated crude oil futures impact

Listen Now to Future News 3.27.2018

Looks like a good week to look up, with the Chinese space station coming down, as well as the glittery Humanity Star, and soon artificial meteors to entertain us all.  Meanwhile our rights of privacy take another hit with the Cambridge Analytica Facebook debacle, as we attempt to sort out the latest in this developing story of manipulation, control, and hopefully liberation from limiting uses of our most valuable personal data.  And now you can read and comment on all this from a new powerful inexpensive iPad, just announced! Enjoy..

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