Future News - Bitcoin sails past $10K, Senescent cells successfully targeted to slow aging, Earthworms work for Mars Soil, Bud on Mars, Redwood Habitat Winner for Mars Colony, Scientifically correct toilet tissue placement, Major Brookings Study on Jobs and Digitalization  
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Digeratti Allan Lundell in Future News, News, bitcoin, brookings study on jobs, mars earthworms, senescent cells

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Lots of Mars news this week, from earthworms to new habitats, wheels, and beer! Bitcoin continues to rise meteroically and jobs of all kinds are rapidly digitizing.  Plus the holidays have begun a proper ettiquette regarding toliet tissue placement has been scientifically revealed. Enjoy!

Every tree habitat in Redwood Forest will collect energy from the sun and use it to process and transport the water throughout the tree,

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