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Future News - Brain Drone Race, More Robot Semi's, Solar Probing, Barbie's Hologram, Elmo's App, Miraculous H Metal Disappears!

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 2.28.2017

March is upon us, the weather is still wintry here, but the future keeps rolling forward.  Thought-controlled drone racing?  Nice proof-of-concept event, but a long way to go..Autonomous trucks, however, are rolling out with yet another company in the fray, this one EMBARK, a startup by two Canadian 21-year-old entrepreneurs.  

On the space frontier, we are launching a way cool probe to our Sun, Solar Probe Plus, to orbit a mere 4 million miles from the flaming orb. Designed to withstand temperatures of 1500 degrees F, Solar Probe Plus will help us explore mysteries, like how the ‘surface’ of the sun is 11,000 degrees F, and the ‘atmosphere’ is 3500 MILLION degrees F! Why such a big temperature differential? No one really knows..and no one really knows what happened to the mysterious Hydrogen metal seen in recent Harvard experiments..

And this week, we look at some of the new high tech toys coming online..Catepillar coders, smart doll houses, Barbie holograms..  It’s getting fun now!

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