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Future News - Cecil the Lion's GPS system, HitchBot Update, Loon Deploying in Sri Lanka, Curbing Killer Bots, Bio-Inspired Robots, CRISPR Changes Everything Alive, Generic GMOs, Calico Aligns with, Apple BMW Dance, LifeLogger Takes Next Step

Listen Now to Future News 8.04.2015

Even though we are currently living by a lake in the Canadaian Laurentian Mountains, we have been deluged with significant Future News stories that we must share with you!  With Cecil the hunted lion and Hitchbot the traveling robot both facing their demise, we had to look deeper into these travesties for the silver lining, which we believe we have found..

And now that Killer Autonomous Bots are on the table, it behooves us to look at what might be done about their evolution, and what else is going on in the world of robotics to help keep this equation balanced.  Oh yes, and let us now forget the incredible evolution occuring in Biotech, with the advance of CRISPR and our incredible ability to slice and dice genes for fun and profit. We share with you the latest in this world, with a focus on an excellent cover piece in the latest issue of Wired, entitled “The Genesis Engine.”

And close to our hearts is the final story of the story, about Lifelogging, and a young company (syb- LOGG), that promises to pioneer the world of Augmented Memory, where your digital memories are seamlessy intertwined with your biological ones.  Enjoy!!

Alleged surveillance footage of Hitchbot meeting his demise in Philadelphia



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