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Future News - Coming to You From 'Mad Scientist Island', Quebec, Canada

Listen Now to Future News - 8.18.2015

Hey folks, for those listeners checking out our locale, check out our snazzy tent in the woods, on “Mad Scientist Island” in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada! Why the tent?  Because at our broadcast hour the mosquitos come out en masse, looking for dinner, and we look good to them!  The rest of the day is pretty much insect free, however.

Today’s news segment features a live call from our correspondent Greg Panos, who chaired a session at Siggraph last week on the pioneers of Virtual Reality.  He gives us an update on what unfolded at SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group Graphics) in relation to the art and science of VR. 

This week we also look at the trading routes of Ivory smugglers in Africa, thanks to hidden GPS transponders, why email is broken and new alternatives, the current state of xeno-transplantation for organs, self-evolving robots, and the coming wave of bionic hearing devices, all from our tent in the woods on an island with loons on the lake behind us.  Enjoy!!

Broadcasting from a little island in the Laurentian Mountains!

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