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Future News - Dark Matter Galaxy Revealed, Juno Begins Exploraton of Jovian Atmosphere, Golilocks Planet close by near Alpha Centauri, Dreamscape Tech, Soft Squishey Robots, New Bionic Lens for all, Uber's End Game Activated  

Listen Now to Future News 8.30.2016

Greetings, we are back from vacation with some wild stories about dark matter galaxies, a nearby Goldilocks type planet, new VR, soft robotics, a new contact type lens that replaces laser surgery, and Uber’s end game to deploy autonomous vehicles next month in Pittsburgh to the public!

KSCO did not record the first half of our show, as they were down for transmitter repair at that time, so enjoy our second half!  (you’ll hear a little of the transmitter issues in the first 5 minutes).


the “octobot” uses a microfluidic logic circuit powered by hydrogen peroxide converted into gas when in contact with platinum.

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