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Future News - Earth's interior rich with quintillions of diamonds, New fiery view of Milky Way's Center, Ten More Jovian Moons Discovered, New Study Shows Eating Fat only Cause of Weight Gain, 256 TB SD Cards, Dr. Duncan McCollum joins us for the news. 

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Wow, ten new moons around Jupiter, including one that is orbiting in the opposite direction of all the others, just asking for a collision, not unlike driving on the wrong side of the freeway! And back home, acoustic research suggests we have quintillions of diamonds below the Earth’s Mantle, amazing. But we’d have to travel a hundred miles beneath the surface to get them.  Sounds straightforward, but we’ve never achieved anything close to that as yet..but if we do, we’d be as rich as the fabled asteroid miners of the near future, and their Luxenborgian backers (another intriquing story this week). Enjoy!

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