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Future News - FPV Flying, Personal 3D Body Scanner, Analyzing your Biome, Space Station Fungi, The magic of Lactobacillus reuteri probiotics, First Closeups of Jupiter's Earth-sized Red Spot, phone telepathy training game, teaching gesture language to our machines, and home crypto-currency mining operations using graphic cards.

Listen Now to Future News 2017.07.11

What a jam packed show this week, with something for everyone. Dr. Future got his First Person View Goggles for drone flying, and does it promise to change perceptions of reality, and may even trigger lucid dreams.  Life extension researcher Bobby Wilder checks in with info on the magic of the probiotics containing Lactobacillus reuteri.  It turns out microorganisms originating from within us have colonized the ISS Space station.  We have breaking news of the giant storm on Jupiter, the Earth-sized Red Spot, long a solar system mystery and wonder. Dr. Future shares a simple exercise/game that teaches basic telepathy using just a cell phone.  And let us consider how to cypto currency mine at home and its implication with call in guest Greg Panos.  Enjoy!


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