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Future News- Global Gathering on Human Genetic Bioengineering, Bugs as Drugs, Bridge Building by Army Ants, Latest Pirate TV, Driverless Racing Cars,  

Listen Now to Future News 12.01.2015

Boy oh boy, from eliminating inherited diseases to creating designer babies, never before has so much been possible with human genetic bioengineering.  A big conference on the topic is now going on in Washington D.C., at the same time as the huge Paris conference on the Environment- a big week for global conferences!

We also delve a bit into the scintillating topics of the special bridge-building swarm behavior of Army Ants, and disease-curing stratagies  related to our personal microbiome in the gut.   Towards the end of this report our guest for the second hour, Dr. Bruce Damer, comes on early to comment on how the racing paradigm has indeed pushed autonomous cars forward on their evolutionary spiral into the present.  Enjoy!

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