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Future News - Harbin/Jerusalem Ranch Update, Carrington Event 160 Anniversary, Parker Probes the Corona, India Moon Landing, Names for Jupiter's latest moons, Samadi Experiences, Spoofing Facial Recognition, Mesh network for Hong Kong Freedom  

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Lots of news and call-ins this week, including some profound stories shared by our listeners about their more Spoofing Facial Recognition Softwareenlightened thoughts and experiences.  We also came back from Harbin Hotsprings and Jerusalem Ranch, with a few tales to tell ourselves. And in space news, the Indian space program is about to have a lander on the South pole of the moon, and NASA is probing the sun’s corona, investigating why it is so much hotter than the body of the star.   And in tech, there is a new way to spoof facial recognition programs and a means of creating a mesh network in Hong Kong with the need for the internet, a way organizers can stay in touch. A fun and engaging show, enjoy!

NASA Parker Solar Probe



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