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Future News - New Hubble pic of Universe, Neutron Star Gobbled by Black Hole, Generating Electricity from Cold, Asteroid Strike Simulation Airburst Over New York City, Callers on Secret Space Program, New Disruptive Desalination Tech, Natural Solutions to Climate Change, Fungal Packaging, Magic Mushrooms on Ballot 

Listen Now to Future News 5.07.2019

A amazing new Hubble pic with over 265,000 galaxies depicted, gravity waves have possible revealed how a black hole gobbles up neutron stars, we can now generate energy from the profound coldness of space, we now have a simulation of an asteroid air burst over New York stuff! 

Closer to earth we look at some innovative solutions to climate change, a revolutionary way to desalinate water, biodegradable fungal packaging, and the potential decriminalization of magic mushrooms! Enjoy!

Asteroid impact over New York City

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