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Future News - Our Review of TEDx Berkeley, Facebook's Developer's Conference, Col Terry's Christopher Reeves Story, Dr. Joe on Consciousness During Surgery

Listen Now to Future News 4.18.2017

We had an amazing experience at TEDx Berkeley this last weekend and shared a few of the highlights on today’s show.  Plus a little download on what’s happening at F8, Facebook’s annual Developer’s Conference, going on this week.  And most personably, we have some great stories from callers Col Terry and Dr. Joe. Col Terry shared a personal story with Christopher Reeves and Dr. Joe explains how an anesthesiologist understands levels of consciousness as a patient is being gassed.  We were kind of curious how many patients experience out of the body experiences while being put under for operations, but he really didn’t know about that. A nurse caller, however, told us that they hear about such stories before the docs do and she estimated that about 8-10% of surgery patients experience something unusual when they are being put under. Enjoy..

The TEDx Berkeley Team 2017

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