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Future News - Report on Automation and Jobs, In Remembrance of our Almost Famous John Monahan, Richard Karst of the Helluva Party, Hacking Lightbulbs

Listen Now to Future News 11.08.2016

We hear about how our country’s jobs are going overseas, but a recent report shows that the automation of U.S. factories is a much bigger factor than foreign trade in the loss of factory jobs.A study at Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research last year found that trade accounted for just 13 percent of America’s lost factory jobs. The vast majority of the lost jobs, 88 percent, were taken by robots and other homegrown factors that reduce a facotries’ need for human labor!

This week we honor artist John Monahan, a regular co-host with us for many months in 2014 and 2015.  He recently passed, and we share a few stories of John’s, in his own words. Norma Jean, our call screener and partner of Johns, joins us for this segment with a more personal honoring of John.

We also have Richard Karst join us to comically discuss his “Helluva Party,” a Santa Cruz home grown  political party whose campaign slogan is “Whatever.” He has bumper stickers and a party song, so hey, it’s election day! Enjoy..

Sun (Mrs. Future) with John Monahan after The Dr. Future Show

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