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Future News - Skype Translator Released, Affordable 360 HD Cam, Prototype Google AutoCar, 4D Printing, Top 10 Google Searches for 2014

Listen Now to Future News 12.23.14

Lots of amazing stories this week!  Can’t wait to try out the new Skype realtime translator.  Right out of SciFi,  the new Skype translator will instantly translate English speech to Spanish speech, and soon to many more human languages.  And maybe someday, dolphin, or at least dog. :-)   3D Printing has now evolved into 4D printing, taking time into the equation..How exactly is what we begin to explore.  And it’s quite a hoot to look at the Google top ten US searches for 2014..I understand “Ukraine,” but who would have thunk that “Flappy Bird” would make the list! Enjoy the show!

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