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Future News - Stephen Hawkings Last Paper, 3D $10K Printed House in One Day, Black Hole Belches, Macular Degeneration Cure, White Label AI, Autonomous Car Death Implications 

Listen Now to Future News 3.20.2018

Sadly, Stephen Hawkings passed this month, but he did write a final paper on how we may ascertain if we live in a universe or a multiverse, using a space probe!  And debuted at SxSW last week was a 3D printed house for less that $10K, and less than $5K in larger numbers. The days of homelessness could be numbered..

And as many of you know we have been tracking the evolution of autonomous cars for many years, knowing that one day someone would actually die by one. That day has finally arrived and the fallout has been huge.  Naturally talk radio is where the public raises many questions regarding these new fangled cars, not the least of which are the issues of responsibility, fault and safety.

 $10K 3-D printed house in one day

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