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Future News - Stunning images of farthest known galaxy, Breakthrough in creating complex living tissue, Chinese Space Junk Zapper, The Mysterious extraterrestrial Hypatia Stone, Breeding GMO Species to Self-Destruct, AI Pet Translater 

Listen Now to Future News 1.16.2017

From combining info from multiple sources, scientists have been able to accurately view the farthest known galaxy from ours, Distant galaxies usually look like red dots because of their small size and distances, but thanks to a phenomenon called gravitational lensing, researchers were able to amplify images to get a clear picture of SPT0615-JD.  Closer to home, new examination of a mysterious object from space, the Hypatia Stone, has led to new theories of it’s unique composition, unlike anything found anywhere in our solar system.  Apparently the hot crucible of entering the earth’s atmosphere may have help to create it’s unique form, a kind of ‘Phoenix stone,’ if you will.. And with a little help from our atmosphere and a new Chinese space junk zapper in the design phase, we may be able actually recycle valuable space junk!  Lots of interesting things to consider in today’s news..

Galaxy SPT0615-JD - Farthest know Galaxy from ours

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