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Future News - Thai Coach taught Meditation to Boys in Cave, Elon's Rescue Sub, Youtube's Latest Answer to Fake News, Medical Pot Big Hit with Seniors, Blind Robot overcomes many Obstacles, Plastic Roads Curbing Waste Epidemic, UFO Sightings Down, Electric Planes Up, Neanderthal Minibrains Studied, Saturn 'Speaks' to Enceladus, Digital Nomads and Paradise Living Options  

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It was quite exciting to hear of the successful rescue of the Wild Boars Soccer team from the cave in Thailand this week; and it was especially interesting that the boys had learned meditation from their coach, who had spent 10 of his 25 years in a Buddhist monastery.  We also found Elon Musk’s quick design of a rescue submarine for the team fascinating.  And I think you’ll find our other stories this week also quite engaging, including Mrs. Future’s personal recollection of her dad’s discussion of UFOs with Dr. Future, and the spooky plasma music traveling from Saturn to it’s weirdest moon, Enceladus. Enjoy!

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