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Future News - The Amazon Moon, Pentagon Warp Drives, Dark Matter Matters, TESS - The Exoplanet Hunter, Reverse Aging in Mice, Lanier's Latest, AIs in Hospitals, Transforming Bad Fat into Good, Carbon Nanotubes from air CO2, Fast Charge Batteries, Nessie's DNA, UFO Across Moon 

Listen Now to Future News 5.29.2018

Lots of news to share this week, including an initial report on our first experiences with riding ebikes.  (really fun!)  We enjoyed hearing Jeff Bezo’s plans for the moon and the rather esoteric Pentagon report on warp drives, extra dimensional space, and dark matter.  Though closer to home in many ways, Jaron Lanier’s latest talk on what’s wrong with the internet just didn’t strike us a accurate for our experience..another point of discussion. A new instant charging Lithium-ion battery is being realized at Cornell (very exciting), using DNA sampled from Loch Ness might finally find the monster, and a video of a UFO buzzing the moon, taken from Santa Cruz are also fascinating.  Enjoy!


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