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Future News- Uber Aggressively invests in Autonomous Vehicles and Automotive Security, New Solution to Black Hole Mystery, SCUBA like Tricorder Developed, Microbes Implicated in Mass Planetary Extinction Event, Joe Firmage's Radical Plan to Simplify the Internet 

Listen Now to Future News 9.01.2015

Welcome to September and more Future News now! What’s happening? The autonomous vehicle world heats up, Hawking offers new insights into how Black Holes may handle information, a hot new medical ‘tricorder’ makes it debut, Joe Firmage gets ready to debut a revolutionary way to evolve the internet, artifical leaves create biofuel for our machines…the unusual but expected future for the likes of us, and that is a great thing!

In our history of the future department, the story of the week revolves around the largest of this planet’s five mass planteary extinctions, the end-Permian extinction, 252 million years ago.  Three independent sets of evidence suggest that microbes were the culprit in completely changing the nature of the climate and ocean chemistry of this planet, with a little help from volcanoes. A fascinating story which we delve into in this report. Enjoy!


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