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Future News - Virtual Reality Coverage of the President, Virgin Galactic Rises Again, Brainprint Yourself, Drone Gun Available, Crazy Ants Love your Phone, Electromagnetic Antibiotic, The Rise of Google-ocracy, Time-lapsing the Planet, C-Section Mutations

Listen Now to Future News 12.06.2016

After a whirldwind trip to LA, we have been entrusted with a cosmic Mayan Time Map of the Future! More on that soon.. Meanwhile, lots of juicy stories are discussed this week, including a plan to take our reality TV star president to new heights of media awareness.  And finally Virgin Galactic has taken flight once again, re-entering the world of Space Tourism.  And it is with a bit of sadness that we announce the first drone gun, designed to take down drones from over a mile was inevitable, however, and it is designed not to destroy them, but to land them safely. Medically we are excited about the use of ultrasound and electromagnetics for healing!  

A big concern this week is how we see the rise of “Googe-ocracy,” which could be perceived as the dumbing down of the populace by giving you specific choices in your search queries. A couple of callers chimed in on this one.  We are a bit concerned as well about Crazy Ants, which are taking over fire ant colonies in Texas, and have a preference for nesting in our electrical outlets and cell phones.  Alien cyborgs? 

And now that one in three babies are being born via Ceasarians, are we mutating the species to have bigger heads that cannot be born via the birth canal? There is some evidence for this..but not to worry, keep yourself amused with Google Earth’s new Timelapse feature that allows you to look at a spot on the planet over time.  Very fun and useful too..  Enjoy!!

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