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Future News - Zuma Mystery, Alexa vs Google Assistant AI Wars Heat Up at CES, Intel's Neuromorphic and Quantum Chips, Growing Taller in Space, Net Neutrality Repeal, Speed Breeding, Revealing the 4th Dimension of Space 

Listen Now to Future News 1.09.2018

The personal agent AI wars heat up this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with Google putting big bucks behind advetising Google Assistant, in an attempt to dethrone the very popular Alexa AI from Amazon.  Both want to be your servant and offer audio control of your devices and your home appliances.  Meanwhile Intel, in an attempt to re-create themselves with more productive chips have invented microprocessors that model the functioning of the human brain and embrace the burgeoning field of quantum computing..And in outer space, one astronaut is getting so tall he may not fit in his return seat on the Soyous spacecraft!   Then there is the mysterious 4th Dimension of Space..  Enjoy!!

Intel’s CES 2018 announcement of their quantum chip

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