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Guest Host Luigi Oppido of Pleasure Point Computers

Listen Now to Luigi Oppido, guest host of The Dr. Future Show 7.21.2015

As Mrs. Future and I head to a remote lake in the wilds of Quebec, Canada, Luigi takes the helm of our Future Ship, taking us in the direction of all things computing. Being of service to the community, he brings up some very pragmatic issues, like upgrading to Windows 10, dealing with FLASH crashes, encryption protocols, slow OSX speeds, etc..  He also chats about new lab download speeds of 1 Terrabyte/sec, programming Arduino based computers to do whatever you want and the One Wheel, an invention that comes as close to a hoverboard as possible in this time.

He also takes a call about a secret space program and the Sphere Being Alliance.. Something for everybody in show, with special thanks to Luigi for being such a great guest host!

Outta Time with guest host Luigi Oppido and his DeLorean


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