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Impacts of Election on Silicon Valley, Government and Business Dynamics, Col Terry weighs in on Trump, Mysterious Booms over Monterey Bay happens during our Broadcast with lots of "Earwitness" reports

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 11.15.2016

A very lively show today, discussing the election with some astute callers, including our local politcal pundit Col. Terry.  Then, at about 45 minutes into the show, a mysterious boom hit our local bioregion, the Monterey Bay. For the rest of the show, no more politics as we fielded call after call about the strange sound and vibrations in our neighborhood.  What actually happened?  We explore the possibility of an earthquake, a sonic boom, a thunder storm, an industrial accident.. No one knows as of this writing..

When the incident occured, we were planning to talk about the whole ‘fake news’ controversy affecting social media.  And what the universe gave us was an opportunity to find out what actually happened by talking first hand to “ear-witnesses.”  A very intriquing show.  Enjoy!

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