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Interview - Jim Rough with Corrina McFarland and Ryan Sarnataro on Wisdom Council for Solving Community Issues, like the Santa Cruz Rail Corridor Use.

Listen Now to Jim Rough with Corrina and Ryan

Every community and company has its issues, but not all have a good way to resolve them effectly in a satisfying manner for most parties concerned.  Local Santa Cruz community and corporate problem solvers, Corrina McFarland ( and Ryan Sarnataro ( been studying the Dynamic Facilitation work of Jim Rough ( for many years and are bringing his ‘Wisdom Council’ approach to Santa Cruz next week, for training locals in dealing with local issues, specifically the contentious railway corridor issue, a 32 mile stretch of rail that could become a new mass transit corridor, or an excellent bike, ebike, pedestrian artery through town. 

We discuss with Jim his approach to problem solving such issues and how he will go about his special training program next week in Santa Cruz. We also get an update from Ryan Santoro on the rail corridor project. Enjoy!

L-R Al Lundell (Dr. Future), Corrina McFarland, Ryan Sanatoro, Sun Lundell (Mrs. Future)

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