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Interview - John Draper aka 'Captain Crunch' on Russian Hacks, Protecting your Privacy, Hacking the Medical System, Witnessing a Nuclear Blast, Adventures with Woz and Jobs. 

Listen Now to John Draper aka Captain Crunch

We catch up with the Captain after he has sustained some serious back surgery in Las Vegas and is recuperating.  What does the grandfather of  computer hacking have to say about the Russian exploits of the US Election process? John also gives us some great tips on protecting our privacy, like what apps to use, and regales us with some of his favorite tales with the founders of Apple Computer, Woz and Jobs. 

Plus there is the earlier story of his witnessing an above ground nuclear blast in the Nevada desert in the early 1960’s, a particularly memorable event. This and many other stories are in his just about to be published biography, “Beyond the Little Blue Box, co-written with  Craig Wilson Fraser.

John also gives us an update on his physical condition, which has been subject to some complex back surgery of late, and his hacking of the medical system, especially in finding online info that can aid in his recovery.  A unique explorer at the intersection of technology and the human spirit, we think you’ll both learn from and enjoy listening to the ‘Captain.’  And if you can find it in your heart to contribute to his medical recovery fund, that would be insanely great..

The Captain with Dr. Future

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