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Interview - Rabbi Eli Cohen and Akindele Bankole with Carrie Toder on The Jewish Renewal Community,Chadeish Yameinu 

Listen Now to Rabbi Eli Cohen and friends

It’s the high holy season and to introduce us to arguably the most progressive of new Jewish traditions, the Renewel Movement, we present you with Rabbi Eli Cohen, Akindele Bankole, and Carrie Toder, of the Chadeish Yameinu congregation in Santa Cruz, CA. Known for embracing wisdom from many avenues, from Sufism to the LGBT community, Chadeish Yameinu members and their Rabbi share their pov with our live KSCO audience.  We also play “A Cup of Kindness,” a tune by singer Alisha Fineman, a sample of what to expect on their upcoming benefit concert December 17 at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz. Enjoy!

L-R Dr.Future, Carrie Toder, Akindele Bankole, Mrs. Future, Rabbi Eli Cohen


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