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Interview - Scientist Entrepreneur John Furber on Asteroid Impacts, Tsunami Prevention, and the latest in Longevity Research

Listen Now to John Furber

John D. Furber is the CEO and founder of Legendary Pharmaceuticals. He is an entrepreneur and scientist who has been studying the biology of aging and regeneration for more than 20 years. In our interview he brings us up to date on some of the more promising approaches to senescence of late, including studies suggesting that the blood plasma serum of younger individuals can improve the health of older persons.  

Scientist Entrepreneur John FurberJohn also discusses with us his interest with asteroids and looks at the various ways in which we could avert a potential disaster. Nukes in space? An interesting thought.  We also discuss a tsunami prevention scheme that could save the East coast of North America  from potential disaster.  John is a very articulate and stimulating guest. 

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