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Meditation evolves Grey Matter, Breaking the Photon Barrier, Smartphone Separation Anxiety, Creating a Microtopian Society

Listen Now to the Dr. Future Show 1.13.2015

Apparently meditation can actually modify the grey matter of the brain, suggesting more mind/matter connections are going on than we realize.  This fascinating study, done at Harvard University, proves that meditation can literally rebuild the brain’s grey matter in as few as 8 weeks.  Our conversation on this topic brought in a caller who literally pulled over on to the shoulder of Hwy 1 to share with us his meditation practices!  

And in the second hour we first talk with Gregory Panos about his adventures at the Consumer Electronics Show (more next week), and spend most of our remaining time talking with Etheric Networks CEO, Alexander Hagen, about his ideas of what he calls “Microtopia,” a new  model for our global economy. He touches on how we could really create a renaissance planet, given the tools and awareness we now have available…We have barely begun this discussion.. Enjoy!

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