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Our Milky Way is Warped, Sasha's Science Soiree, Cellular Senescence, Tesla patents Liberated for All, Acting Coach Stan Grindstaff on What is Erotic?, Massive Ongoing Insectoid Extinction, Eco-Villages to the Rescue  

Listen Now The Dr. Future Show 2.12.2019

It looks like we have a new path to explore the science of aging with the control of senescent cells, cells that were supposed to die but carry on like zombies, damaging the living around them.  Meanwhile insects are dying off at a massive rate, 2.5% of their mass every year, and its about time we take a closer look at that. Perhaps the recent observations of our galaxy being warped has something to do with this..not..

On a happier note, we had acting coach Stan Grindstaff stop by the studio to share with us his experiences in coaching this year’s crop of What is Erotic? performers, a show that keeps getting better with time. Enjoy!

L-R Al Lundell (Dr. Future), Stan Grindstaff, Sun Lundell (Mrs. Future)


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